Hi everyone. I've made a return to the HP card game. I promise to give more articles, and all kinds of good stuff. Especial since I have all summer to just hang around, you can expect an article at least every week in my attempt at getting on the Pojo Staff. Bleh. Nuff about that. Let’s get to the article.


When Philosopher’s Stone first appeared, alot of people shrugged it off, because it costs 15.The effect is well worth it, but 15 is alot. So to get there, we will surely see alot of Turbo-Power Stone decks.

I was thinking about this, and it reminded me of the power 9 (which is the top 9 best cards in Magic, The Gathering. Trust me, they are broken). I was trying to compare the power 9 of Magic, to a possible power 9 HP. I came up with pre-AH:

9.Picking on Neville: Cheap spot removal. Super cheap spot removal.

8.Obliviate: Its costly, but followed by a Charms Exam, it's devastating.

7.4 Privet Drive: Drives creature less decks mad most of the time, with the exception of Draco-Potion Item.

6.Steelclaw: Ouch. Burn. Damage....

5.Charms Exam; For 7,you get a hand disrupter, and good, quality deck thinning

4.Fluffy:Okay,not that great. Probably deserves # 8, but it's a favorite, so it gets brownie points

3.Draco Malfoy, Slytherin: He has decks built around him. And they win. Alot.

2.PCD: When it resolves, it hurts. And not like an Obliviate hurt, it makes you sad.

1.Gringotts Vault Key: It's an all-purpose tutor for 6.Get's you #9-2 on this list.

Anyway, enough about that. You may have heard of how Olivanders slipped through the "can't get back non-healing cards" rule. With it, you can get back a Unicorn Horn over, and over again, and heal yourself repetitively. Now you can do it with Philosopher’s Stone..... hmmmmm.......

But how are you gonna get that Olivanders + Philly Stone + 15 power in before you die at the hands of a Draco Slytherin deck? Simple. Use search cards, like Mirror of Erised, Gringott's Vault Key, and Alohamora!. You could basically be invincible. And to damage your opponent, use Obliviate and Charms exam. For Power (very important) use Wand Shop.

So, I decided I wanted to be the first, and attempt to make a mark in the HP game. Here’s the deck:

Starting Character:1
Minerva McGonnagal

4xGringot's Vault Key
4xCharms Exam
3xTransfiguration Exam

1xPhilosipher's Stone
3xMirror of Erised

4xWand Shop

1xHagrid Needs Help


I don't wanna sound arrogant, but this deck could, and should hugely affect HP. It kills.


Well, thank you for taking your time to read my article. Hope you enjoyed it!


-Quiksilver Elf, used to be Kangasage