Ok, here's the first (and maybe only) "Play of the Week."

This article is designed and based upon a situation that I can almost 
guarantee will never happen to you, its purpose is to get you thinking in a 
more strategical way, setting your mind up for whatever hits you in a real 

So here's the situation.

Your hand: Out of Control
Pep Talk
Quidditch Lesson'

Your Table: 10 Quidditch Lessons
Madam Rolanda Hooch (starter)

Your Library: 12 Cards

Opponent's Hand: Draught of the Living Death
Pewter Cauldron
Boil Cure
Dogbreathe Potion
Out of Control

Opponent's Table: 4 Lessons
Gold Cauldron
Madam Rolanda Hooch (starter)

Opponent's Library: 10 Cards

Now, the situation. Its your turn, you've already drawn your first card, and 
your oppent has just played a Fouled! on you so you only have one action. 
Now, I set this up for my friend and he gave me this response.

"I would, assuming that that I don't know he has Draught, i would still go 
with Out of Control, to kill his hand off, either that or a Fouled!, 
narrowing the Actions but still with good damage."

Here's the though on this one: Damage is not always the key point. Several 
control decks are very well made, with smaller damage that can be played 
just as well. The best option in this scenario, is to play Smash! on the 
Gold Cauldron. This way he only has 5 lessons in play, limiting his choices. 
You don't know it but next turn, he could play 2 Fouled! if he wants giving 
you only one action, but then you can hit him with a Fouled! and limit his 
Actions. I'm not going to go further into the game because what is drawn can 
alter this close game.

The final I want to make is this:
Damage is not always the key to winning a game. The best choice 
can come in small packages, but I have also learned that building a deck on 
solid defense does not win games. HP TCG can be played strategically like 
most sports actually. Without offense, you can't win, but don't focus on 
scoring the whole time, if you had done that, Draught of the Living Death 
would have killed you.