Name: Tails
Deck: Charms Class
Location: Harry Potter TCG League

Hi, Kids! Me again! In hopes of honing my skills to ultimately conquer HP, I have created a new deck to help you and me succeed in winning. It is a fast deck relying on high-damage spells to make you win quick. Everything here can be found by buying both Starter Sets, and a few boosters. The cards here aren't very hard to find!

No Adventures

x15 Charms
x8 Care of Magical Creatures
x4 Quidditch Lessons

Main Character: Hermione Granger (Diagon Alley version; not that it matters)

x2 Vicious Wolf

x2 Blueball Flames
x4 Freeze!
x2 Stupefy
x2 Toe Biter
x4 Vermillious
x2 Strategy Session
x2 Searching For The Snitch
x1 Ouch!
x2 Pulling Up
x4 Magical Mishap
x2 Blue Wig
x1 Dragon Heart Wand
x2 Fluffy Falls Asleep
x1 Rope Bind

Battle 1: Me vs. Jack L.
He had a "Creature-Denial" Transfiguration deck. It was good, except I only have two creatures, so half of his spells were wasted. By turn 3, he had out 2 boa constrictors and a curious raven. He kept using steel claw, and I was bound to lose. I started hitting him with Fluffy Falls Asleep and Vermillious. By this time I had about 5 Charms. I cast Stupefy, then, out of good spells, he used both of his turns to draw. He ended up losing due to his own ability to not see how many cards he had.

Battle 2: Me vs. Kearsi
Kearsi is my sister. She's not a good HP player, but I built her a deck, a good one. After trading with others, her deck was actually pretty good. She ran a Potions-Regeneration deck. Easy work, I thought.
We kept hitting each other and recovering. I'd hit her with a Magical Mishap, she'd recover with a Bruisewart or an Elixer of Life.
Our decks had about 27 cards left. I looked at my hand. Two Toe Biters. A Magical Mishap. Then, I thought back to my rulebook:
"Q: Can I look at my opponent's discard pile?
A: Yes, those cards are not secret."
After showing my sister the rulebook, I asked if I could see her discard pile. I counted the cards. There were 49. She had eleven cards left.
I cast both my Toe Biters. Now, she had 7 cards. She kept drawing, but was smarter than Jack (no offense Jack~Tails) and stopped. I played Magical Mishap and she drew her last card at the beginning of the next turn. I stalled and she lost because of "Decking". 2-0. [Remember this strategy, count the discard!]

Battle 3: Me vs. Gym Leader Lane
Lane is a very cool girl. She's a great gym leader. I was determined to win.
Her deck is a Rebues Hagrid creature strike. Plenty of Fluffys and Steelclaws. I would have to work double time.
On turn 14, [I write everything down], She had a Fluffy out, with two Vicious Wolves. That was a lot of damage per turn. I kicked out her Wolves with Toe Biters and Vermillious. But, Fluffy won. I was out of cards. It was a good game.
Lane was very nice and didn't make fun of me.
Now, for my deck, it's back to the drawing board, but I garuntee this will whip your neighborhood pals!~ Tails

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Well, until next time, polish those trophies and wipe off your holographic cards. I shall return with my top 10 picks for best spells soon.