Subject: Commons Deck
Well I saw the commons deck up on the pojo site and it intrigued me. I built it and played it a bunch online but it got clobbered most of the time. So i set out to make a better one. Here it is. I am actually surprised how well this deck has been doing for me. I have beaten people who play privet and in the stands as well as multiples of them. Also people who heal are not impossible to beat either.
Deck Name: Common Downfall
Starting Char
Minerva McGonagal
Adventures (Optional)
4 Privet Dr
In The Stands
Unusual Pets
3 Vicious Wolf
3 Cunning Fox
2 Giant Tarantula
4 Streeler
2 Cobra lilly
1 Boa Constrictor
3 Steelclaw
4 Ouch!
4 Fouled
2 Cobbing
2 Lost Notes
2 Smash!
3 Swarm
9 Quidditch
13 Care Of Magical Creatures
Without the adventures i have done fine, if you have a couple apparate put those in instead or just some more creatures. McGonagal is pretty important to get rid of privet but i suppose she could be switched for Madam hooch, which would especially be good if you had a nimbus 2000
Any way as it stands heres the strategy
Get your creatures out as fast as you can and keep out as many as you can. You can take a chance with holding steelclaw if you still have mcgonagals power but if not play em as soon as you get em. Swarms are great against creature decks. Just try to do some damage every turn. Top priority is to keep creatures out. I have won several times just with one or two little creatures out doing 2 dam the whole game. people sometimes ignore a giant tarantula and a streeler for the whole game. If you go 10 rounds thats 30 damage.
The real key is to get ANY creatures out fast and do continuous damage the whole game however you can.
And as he said in the other commons deck article it really is a morale killer when you beat someone with a deck with all commons. And always gives an excuse if you do lose.
Dan McDonley
P.S please do not publish or post my email with this deck or anywhere on the site. Thanks