From: Addison Sage []
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 6:32 PM
Subject: HP card strategys:Bludger
I'm going to take a look at my randomly chosen card of the day,Bludger.
Bludger 4Qui.
Before each of your turns,Bludger does 3 damage to your opponent if a match is in play.
Matches are usualy cheap,so they are easily played.You have to have a match in play to have this card do anything,but that's not a huge price for what it does.For 4 power,you get a card that deals 3 damage after each players turns.That's 6 damage between your turns.4 power usualy will get you 2 damage for a permanent card(creatures,items,etc.),like Boa Constrictor.This is a good bargain,heck,it's an awesome bargain,but theres still the problem of having a match in play.Use a cheap one,Slytherin Match is realy cheap at 1 Qui. power.It's gonna take about 2 turns of punishment for this one to get solved by your Bludger,and possibly creatures you have.All the better.....Slytherin Match lets you shuffle 15 non-healing cards into your deck.Quite a big life advantage.
This card,and Slytherin Match are both Rare unfortunately.
Until my next card O' the day , auvoir!