From: Kyle Knab []
Sent: Wednesday, January 09, 2002 9:00 PM
hey pojo i gotta killer deck here!
here it is:
Characters: (starter)Madam Hooch
                  (ally) Draco Malfoy
                  (ally) Weasly Twins
Adventures: 2x In the Stands
                   1x 4 Privet Drive
                   1x Hagrid Needs Help
                   1x Sticking up for Neville
Matches: 1x Slytherin
               2x Ravenclaw
Items: 1x Comet Two Sixty
          1x Bludger
          1x Golden Snitch
          1x Dragon Heart Wand
Spells: 3x Out of Control
           3x Ouch!
           1x Power Play
           2x Catch the Snitch
           1x Fouled
           2x Out of the Woods
           2x Illegiblus
Creatures: 1x Mountain Troll
                 1x Trevor
                 1x Fluffy
                 1x Cunning Fox
                 1x Norbert
                 1x Gaurd Dog
                 1x Scabbers
                 1x Unicorn
Lessons: 10x Care of Magical Creatures
              14x Charms
This deck is great!! It won 6 out of 7 matches at my local league. I do my main damage with my quidditch spells and creatures.  Out of the woods, Draco, and Illegiblus are for hand destruction.  Sticking up for Neville and Hagrid Needs Help are for hand and turn destruction and damage if they want it all to stop!  4 Privet Drive is obviously for spells that i can't take out.  I can stall them with it until i get an Illegiblus or my Draco.  Ravenclaw and Slytherin are a key in this deck along with my Catch the Snitches.  I commonly find myself without lessons so i put in my Ravenclaws to get at least four out.  Then i have Hooch and her power so thats another automatic two lessons.  Slytherin is to get back cards such as Unicorn, Hagrid, OOC, and Fluffy.
thanks alot for takin my report,
                                               Lyle Banks

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