Hey, welcome back to another issue of The Daily Prophet. Unfortunately, the deck I promised you will be made unavailable as my friend said he decided it was HIS masterpiece that he wanted for his own greedy, vile, and slaughtering of me intentions ;-) so, today we will do something else. Well, I recently bought nine packs of Adventures of Hogwarts, and the new cards are pretty cool. Some cool cards for my Adventure at Hogwarts Mega Card Reviews of the Day are:


1) Dragons Blood: This is a 7costing potion card that is rare. If you discard two of your potion lessons from play, you can do eleven damage to your opponent or a creature of your choice. So, it is basically a small upgrade to Malevolent Mixture to Base set. I find it better than Malevolent Mixture because M.M. is sooo tempting to use early one since it is 5 cost, but

If you use it early, you are really slow in the late game when your opponent smashes you. So this card is pretty good. I will give it a: 3.8 out of 5


2) Hut on the Rock: This is an adventure that makes your opponent choose one card in play that he or she has and discard it before each of his or her turns. Wow. You need five lessons to play it, and the reward is you take five damage. It can go both ways, but then again, your opponent DOES have to discard his or her hand to solve it. I give it a: 3.6 out of 5


3) Welsh Green Dragon: I have two of these. Now, they are 7 costing creatures that make you discard 1 lesson from play and are 6 damage and 4 health. "But I would much rather use Hebridean Black!!!" not necessarily, is my answer to you, because these do 6 damage to your opponent when they come into play. With two, that's 12 damage if you can get them into your hand with mysterious egg. Definitely put these in heavy creature decks. Try a dragon deck with Welsh Greens, Black Dragons, Baby Dragons, and Norbert. I give this card a: 4 out of 5


It seems that Adventure at Hogwarts is focusing on some heavy hurting Adventure cards like Hut on the Rocks, Meeting Fluffy, Looking for Trevor, Candy Cart, and 5 Points from Gryffindor. McGonagall will now be thought about twice before using her in your deck. I heard from someone who wishes to be unknown that the next set of cards MIGHT be for The Chamber of Secrets. We will find out!


Now, I promised some more book rumors for #5, so here goes:

1) Someone else we know will die. This was confirmed by J.K. Rowling.

And number

2) We will see reappearances by some old characters (Prof. Lupin, Sirius will meet Harry again, and some of the "old crowd" that Dumbledore mentioned in #4 like Mad-eye Moody and Arabella Fig. Supposedly these will be powerful, older wizards and witches who can dish out their share of damage to the bad guys!)


3) Hagrid and Madam Maxime will be traveling to the giants to make peace so Voldemort can't first, remember Hagrid and Maxime are doing something secret this summer!!

And finally for today,

4) Voldemort will ally with the Dementors and a lot of prisoners will be released from Azkaban.


So, I am going to the league at my local Wizards Saturday with my deck that I will be using: look at Snuffles deck garage for The Rock and the Hard Place deck. That one is mine! I will have a report on that here and a killer tournament report. Also, some more info on the book and some card of the day reviews! PLEASE send me any info you have on the cards or books. I will post them here and you will be given FULL credit for them, so email me at

wolfzie06@aol.com or wolfzie00@yahoo.com


Thanks! Keep reading!



-Editor of the Daily Prophet