Hey everyone! I did okay in the tournament, just winning a little less than half of my games. :-(BUT, you learn with experience. I have made some MAJOR changes to my deck, and if you want to know what the new one is, email me. My addresses are in the first Daily Prophet. Anyway, the deck has basically ZERO creature protection, so that was my first change, and you can find out the rest if you want. So, I have some news about the fifth Harry Potter book, The Order of the Phoenix. I have been looking for facts and rumors like mad, and these are two solid ones: 1) the book COULD be out this summer(hopefully!) and this is a big one 2) There is a character that J.K.Rowling has been hinting at, and you should pay attention to. Susan Bones, who was only mentioned in the first book at the Sorting. She will have something to do with the plot, BUT i could be wrong, cuz its just rumors, but keep an eye out. I have a feeling the book will just come out and surprise us...hmmm...but seriously, rumors are flying around like mad! check on the internet. It's crazy! I just wonder why she is making us wait SOOOOOOOOOOOO long! But back to the card game....my friend has an interesting deck that i will post next time, it is a Potions/Charms/Care of Magical Creatures deck that is wicked!

-Cunning Fox-
Cost- 5 C.M.C

Great card. Cheap and fast. this baby can smoke your opponents quickly. They won't want to waste their spells on this cheap little creature. Got 4? 12 damage. Combine with Vicious Wolves and Steelclaw and Swarm Now, the creatures alone do 24 damage, if you have four of each, steelclaw for another 24, 8 from Swarm, oh yeah, Hagrid does another 16. OUCH! 72 damage!!!!! This card IS still easy to get rid of, but for a cheap creature, it rocks. It gets a: 4 out of 5

NeXt TiMe: More Book Rumors! NEw Potions/charms/cmc deck! New Creatures/charms/trans. deck! new card of the day! OPINIONS WELCOME!!!!!!