Hey everyone! This is my first edition of the Daily Prophet. I will feature card reviews, decks that I or someone I know made, battle reports, and anything Harry Potterish or cool stuff! I especially loooove opinions! Send me YOUR opinions at:


Wolfzie06@aol.com      ~or~     wolfzie00@yahoo.com


Anyway, today I am featuring a deck that I slaved over, testing it out on friends and my brother, all the while molding it to perfection. I sent it in to Snuffles to be fixed up for flaws, and I am going to a Harry Potter league Saturday (can't wait, my first one!) This is my deck before it is fixed by Snuffles, and I hope that you try it out at least ONCE, go on, give it a try!


The Rock and the Hard Place


Characters- Madam Rolanda Hooch


Adventures- 4 Sticking Up for Neville


Lessons- 20 Care of Magical Creatures


Spells- 4 Cobbing

           2 Defence!

           4 Fouled!

           2 Hagrid and the Stranger

           1 Mid-air Collision

           4 Ouch!

           2 Out of Control

           2 Pulling Up


Creatures- 3 Cobra Lily

                4 Cunning Fox

                2 Quintaped

                2 Scabbers

                4 Vicious Wolf


Okay, strategy time. Basic, easy simple-quickness. This is one of the most speedy decks out there. Keep picking at your opponent. Sticking Up for Neville wears away at your opponent. Now, most of them don't want to solve it on their first turn unless their hand is REALLY crappy, so that 4 damage builds up. Most of the Quidditch Spells hurt your opponent. Not only damage, but discarding and 1 action hurt. Fouled! is one of the best cards. 4 cost, 4 damage, and one action for your opponent's next turn. Plus, since Hooch has one lesson and you have some, its out on turn two. Creatures are cheap, fast and hit hard. Cunning Fox is a fave and must have. Scabbers rules! Okay, you are stuck with an adventure or a card that makes you have to discard, and you have one or two scabbers. Discard 'em and they come right back. Has to be one of THE most annoying cards out there. Now, one thing you can do if you want is to swap a Sticking Up for Neville for a Hermione Granger. Hard to believe that now, your deck is even FASTER! This deck is killer on potion decks. They say goodbye to their powerful cards, and their lessons go into the discard pile, so they then have to use healing cards to get lessons back and their good cards are LOOOONG gone! This deck is incredibly annoying for most opponents. Use it and laugh!


Now, I will review a Card that I randomly select. Today's Card is------

History of Magic from Base Set!!!



Cost- 2 Charms


Effect- Look at your opponent's hand. Discard all Adventures cards from it.

Flavor Text- "Easily the most boring lesson was History of Magic...."


Okay, now, this card can be awesome, or it can suck. Now, you have one in your hand. The game is intense. Your opponent and your decks are around half strength. You decide to put it down and use it. Your opponent looks quizzically at the card, and when he reads it, his face blanches. He gulps and hands you his hand. You look and spot 2 4 Privet Drives, and In the Stands, and a Through the Arch. He was saving them up for just the right moment, to make sure he had you stalled for the game and he could hit you up while you bobbed around discarding and skipping actions. All those sweet adventures gone, and you pummel him for the win. But then.... you are playing a game when you try a last ditch effort to stop the pummel of adventures your opponent is lying down, and none are in his hand. He then draws some biggies, and your gone. So, for both sides, I gave this card, on a 1-5 scale.... 2.5


So, please send me any decks you want me to post up, or any cards you want reviewed or stuff like that. 'Till tomorrow!