I guess this would go under the category Strategies so I decided to send this to you.


I have a combo that is probably impossible to do, lesson wise and because all the cards that I use is probably more than 61.


You have a Seamus Finnigan, a Draco Malfoy, Slytherin, and a Wood, a Nimbus, 4 Galleons, 4 Sickles, and 4 Knuts, 4 Unicorns, and a Gringotts out. At the beginning of your turn, discard all the money, giving you 26 Actions. Plus 4 Uni's, 30. Solve your opponents Gaze into the Mirror with a few Accio's and Magical Mishaps, 31. You get 2 more Actions from winning a Gryffindor Match, 33 Actions. Play a Self-Stirring Cauldron, 34 because of Draco. Play 4 Platform 9 3/4's, 38 Actions. Get 1 More from Gringotts, and another from Seamus, 40 Actions Play 4 Bulgeye Potions (2 Actions each). Leaving you with 32 Actions, and doing 52 damage. Play 4 Draught of Living Death, leaving you 28 Actions, and killing your opponents easily (48 damage) so play 4 Malevolent Mixtures and 4 Dragon Bloods, leaving you with 20 Actions and doing 84 damage. Play a Biased commentary, then Mid Air Collision using woods ability and nimbus', 25 damage and you with 18 Actions, repeat the mid air combo 3 more times without wood, doing another 51 damage and you with 12 Actions. Play a 3 month long match followed by Catch the Snitch's 4 times, doing another 60 damage and you with 4 Actions. Then use 4 Dogbreath Potions, doing another 32 damage.


Thatís 352 damage folks! Have fun :D


Carl and Terry [drcjs@zbzoom.net]