The Hermione - Homework deck is o.k. and so is Hagrid - Norbert - Steel claw, toads are o.k. but they can easily be gone.  What everybody needs is real fire power. Your main character should be Professor Snape, because you shuffle 7 non healing cards into your deck and he provides one potion lesson.  Now you spice things up with some unicorns - Draco's trick - and Diagon alley. Sure it costs 2 actions to play Diagon alley, but I would play that if I had a Drac o's trick in my hand. ( That way on your next turn you could play Draco's Trick, and draw any # of cards from your life deck.) This will result in the unicorn part.  Which means for every one you play you now have one more action. So you can easily destroy the primitive decks.  It is great if you already had a unicorn played, then pull the Diagon alley and Draco's Trick.



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