Hello! ;-) I know I just went over Transfiguration Exam in a recent article, but I found a good combo that includes this card, so I'll use it again. As I said in that particular article, Transfiguration Exam is quite an interesting card. Its effect is quite powerful if your opponent is playing a beatdown deck, but it can hurt you, too, if you have some decent Creatures in play. This is where the card Cage comes in...
Cage (2 CMC)
During your turn, you may discard this card from play and use an Action to choose a Creature in play (yours or your opponent’s) and return it to it’s owner’s hand.
Provides: 1 CMC
Pretty good for returning a damaged Creature to your hand, or putting a dangerous Creature your opponent played back where it came from. And it provides a CMC Power to boot. Now, here's the combo scenario:
You have a Transfiguration Exam in your hand and you're itching to use it, because your opponent has been slapping you around with some heafty Creatures. However, you also have a Creature army that is definitely nothing to sneeze at. Can you avoid a total sacrifice? Well, for this to work, you should have played a Cage card earlier in the game. For the first Action of your turn, discard Cage and return your most valuable Creature to your hand. Then play Transfiguration Exam and wipe out every Creature on the table. But!... you still have that powerhouse Creature in your hand. Play it next turn to get an advantage over your opponent, who may not have any Creatures in their hand to play!
Cage combos well with Transfiguration Exam when you want to conserve one of your own Creatures when you play the Exam. You can even have multiple Cages in play so you can return a few Creatures to your hand before you play Transfiguration Exam! It would take a bit longer, but you'd be losing less. One might say that Fluffy Falls Asleep could also combo with Exam and have the same effect. But Fluffy Falls Asleep costs one more CMC Lesson than Cage... and it doesn't provide a CMC Power, which could definitely come in handy.
See yas all later! ;-)
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