//NAME: Snape Destruction
// Starter //Professor Severus Snape  For healing and potion power
 2 4 Privet Drive  To Stall those Heavy Spell Decks
         4 Boil Cure  Healing
         4 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up Healing
         4 Rubeus Hagrid  For +2 Creatures with 3 or more damge already
         25 Care of Magical Creatures you need these in any deck
         2 Unicorn   For more actions
        3 Forest Troll  Quick damage
         2 Norbert   Main hitter (7 damage is your friend)
         3 Mountain Troll  Secondary hitter (6 is good too)
         3 Giant Tarantula  Quick Damage (one discard for 2 a turn, woah)
         4 Vicious Wolf  Backup hitter (5 is the same when you only have 6 power in play)
         4 Baby Dragon  Backup hitter (5 is the same when you only have 6 power in play)
Deck Explained above....
Stratagy: to do mega damage with Hagrid's power while keeping self in check with healing.
Tourney: 8-24-01   Held by Profpoke on apprentice (These are not excact but what i can remember!!!)
Round one: bye
 I gotta bye for my first round, this was unfair....only 2 battles went on.
Round two: VS Zythar ( I can't remember how it was spelled)
 This one was easy Privet in play to stop his deck in it's tracks he did a total of zero damage.
  Win 1/0 Deck size 42
Round Three: VS Lupin
 IF THERE WAS A LIMIT, WE BROKE IT. This game lasted forever, me and him healed over and over again. After  he took out my first 3 Creatures i had 8 power in play with Hagrid in play and 3 Mountain Trolls waiting to be  played. I played two and did 12 (4+4+2+2) due to Hagrid. Then Played the last one and by now his deck was   deminished to about 10 he Burning bitter root balmed to save and my deck was weak now 2 cards after i drew....this  wasn't looking good. But i played Baby dragon and Comc.He drew and drew to lower to 1 card and then the game  was over. (estimated time: 1hr guessing!)
  Win 2/0  Deck size 1 (after drawing)
Round Four: VS Adam00 for Tourney Win
 After the first hand laying down privet it went down hill for Adam. He ended up getting me to 10 and i used snape's  power and drew one action.( I had three because of Unicorn). Then laid Baby dragon and V. Wolf to scare him (and  since he got Privet out of play to make sure of ko next turn..) He drew hunting for a healer(burning bitterroot balm)  The entire time I was shaking waiting for an answer to my question "Done?" after waiting for a while he turned and  said gg. That was the longest 10 seconds of my life. It lasted forever (well not as long as Round Three).
  Win 3/0 Deck size 17
Well in closing this deck rocked (even tho adam00 beat me right before the tourney with the same decks) but if you have a chance i would recommend downloading Apprentice and playing online because you don't have to have the cards to play, just the program.
props: Zythar for such a quick match, getting that privet in first turn for Round four, that HELPED alot. All the Players I can't name them all but Adam00, Lupin, and Zythar i know. Having two sets of "Cheerleaders" in round 4. Me one set and Adam one set....and everyone for running mostly Spells against Privet...lol
Thanks to: Profpoke for holding the tourney, All the players for putting up a good match, pojo for haveing a great website/staff, profpoke again for holding the tourney, Adam for a great match and lupin for a great match ( these two were the ones they thought would be in the finals....SUPRISE) battling them made me a much better player and much better stratagic player (which i still can't do in POKEMON=\)
     This is Shinylugia (SHINY) "signing off"  
    Any Ideas on my deck, do you want the appr file?
    Email me here is ya want any of these:   Shinylugia@netzero.com