Adventure Cards


   Hiyo, It’s Sara Hwang Here Again. This Time I’ve Decided To Write Up An Article That’s All About Adventure Cards. Does Anyone Other Than Me Just L O V E Adventure Cards? Yep. Don’t Worry; I’m Not Into Rating Cards. I’m Just Here To Talk About Strategies For Them. Oh, By The Way Thanks For The E-mail You People Have Been Sending. It’s Helpful…Can You Send Me Some For This Article Too? Thanks. Oh, I Made A Pretty Neat Harry Potter Website…You Can Check It Out Here: I Hope You Don’t Mind That I Put My Website On This Article, Pojo.


4 Privet Drive: 


Effect: Your Opponent Can’t Play Spell Cards.


Solve: Your Opponent Chooses 6 Cards In His/Her Hand And Discards Them.


Reward: Your Opponent May Draw A Card.


Oh, No…The Broken Card!!! I Did Say In My Last Article, That You Can Use Healing Spells To Recover, And Of Course That’s True, But For This Card, I’d Keep A Couple Of Remembrall’s In My Deck So I Can Get Lessons Back (Whoa…I Almost Typed Energy…From Pokémon =) Yeah…I Would Try To Discard My Lessons First For Solving This Card, So You Can Put Your Remembrall Into Good Use. If You Don’t Have Enough Lessons, Get Rid Of Items. That’s What I Would Do. Then Get Rid Of…Uh…Creatures/Spells. I Think It Depends On What Your Deck Revolves Around. If Your Deck Is TOTALLY For Spells, Get Rid Of The Creatures, Then The Items…Unless The Creature Is A Unicorn Or Pet Toad. Different People Will Use Different Ideas On How To Get Rid Of This Card Quickly…I’m Just Saying What I’d Do…Yeah.


Diagon Alley:


Effect: Your Opponent Can’t Use Actions To Draw Cards.


Solve: Your Opponent Must Skip A Total Of 7 Actions.


Reward: Your Opponent May Draw Any Number of Cards.


Well, This Card’s Boring…It’s Not So Helpful Either…Right? Wrong! If You Pair This Up With Draco’s Trick, YOU Can Draw Any Amount Of Cards You Want!  (But Remember Not To Take TOO Much) If You Want To Keep This Because You Like How They Have To Skip 7 Actions, Well, They Might Have An Apparate, Or Even Logic Puzzle. (There’s Another One Of Those Cards That Can Get Rid Of Adventures, Isn’t There??? So…If You Wanna Keep This In Your Deck, Keep Those Things In Mind.


Dragon’s Escape:


Effect: Before Each Of Your Turns, Your Opponent Takes 1 Damage.


Solve: Your Opponent Chooses 3 Of His/Her Lessons In Play And Discards Them.


Reward: Your Opponent Draws 3 Cards Or Does 3 Damage To You.


Oh…I Like This One…Yay! I Think Of This As A Good Creature That Makes Your Opponent Discard Lessons. I Think Of It This Way: Your Opponent Is Waiting To Get A Logic Puzzle Or An Apparate. He Waits 3 Or More Turns Before He Decides To Just Get Rid Of 3 Lessons. He Decides To Give A Little Comeback And Does Three Damage To You. This Card Isn’t Bad. I Like The Part About Discarding Lessons. I’d Surely Keep About 2 In My Deck. This Card Also Is OK With Draco’s Trick, But I Wouldn’t Bother. I’d Just Want My Opponent To Get Rid Of 3 Lessons, And Take A Couple Damage. Or…Use A Card To Get Rid Of Dragon’s Escape…If He’s Lucky Or Somethin. Oh, Well.


Gringotts’ Cart Ride:


Effect: Before Each Of Your Opponent’s He/She Chooses A Card In His/Her Hand And Discards It (If Any)


Solve: He/She Must Skip A Total Of 5 Actions.


Reward: You Opponent May Draw 5 Cards.


I Like This Card Too. It’s Pretty Good, But I Think Dragon’s Escape Is Better. You Should Use This Card If Your Opponent Has About…I Dunno…3 Cards? Or More…But Not Less. Too Bad That Your Opponent Chooses The Card To Discard. I Wish You Could Do It…Make It Random… -_-. Also, I Like How Your Opponent Has To Skip 5 Actions. You Wanna Know What I’d Do? If I Had Draco’s Trick In My Hand, I’d Wait Until My Opponent Skipped 3 Actions…Or Four. (Like If He Did 111, Or 121, Or 22…Something Like That)  Then I Get To Draw 5 Cards, My Opponent Ended Up Losing Cards And Skipping Actions! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. 0_o


Harry Hunting:


Effect: Your Opponent’s Creature And Spell Cards Need 2 More Power To Play.


Solve: Your Opponent Chooses 7 Cards In His/Her Hand And Discards Them.


Reward: Your Opponent may Put A Lesson Card From His/Her Discard Pile Into Play.


WooHoo!!! I Love This One! First Of All, I’d Say That This Card Goes Well With Dragon’s Escape. First You Play Dragon’s Escape To Get Rid Of 3 Of His Lessons, And You SLAM This Card Down! Ha Ha! Now Your Opponent’s Cards Need 2 More Power For Him To Play! Aw…Too Bad…AND If He Decided To Draw 3 Cards For Dragon’s Escape, Then He Might Have To Discard Them! That Rocks! Yeah, Yeah, I Know. Your Opponent Gets To Grab A Lesson And Put It In Play! Wait…So Can You! If You Have A Remembrall, Which Aren’t Too Hard To Grab. So…I Think I Found A New Combo! It’ll Be Good If You Keep A Unicorn Though, If You Keep This Combo.


Hiding From Snape:


Effect: Your Opponent Can’t Use Item Cards.


Solve: Your Opponent Chooses 4 Item Cards In His/Her Hand And Discards Them.


Your Opponent May Search His/Her Deck For Any Card In Put It In His/Her Hand. Then He/She Must Shuffle His/Her Deck.


Wow…I Did 6 Adventures Already!? Wow…My Hands and Fingers Hurt A Little Now…So This Is My Last One Today. I’ll Do The Other 6 Next Time. I Personally, I Wouldn’t Keep This Card. Sure…Your Opponent Can’t Use Item Cards And He/She Most Likely Won’t Have FOUR In His/Her Hand, But I Don’t Think This card Is Worth Putting Down. It Wastes Your Time, And wastes Your Actions…It’s A Boring Card. And Think About This: If Your Opponent Uses Logic Puzzle, He/She Get’s A HUGE Bonus! He/She Can Just Flip Though His/Her Deck And Take Any Card They Want! Wow! Yeah…I Know…This Card Goes Well With Draco’s Trick…Yep. So I Guess This Card Isn’t Bad. I’d Only Keep 1 In My Deck…MAYBE…If There’s Room In My Deck…


Boy…Do I Seem Tired? I AM…I Really Am. I’m Done For Today…




Sara Hwang




P.S. Is There ANY Place Near Fremont That Will Have The Harry Potter League!? Oh, And Another Thing. Does Being 14 Years Old Mean That I’m Too Old To Play?