Hello, this Sara again, with another article. First of all, I’d like to make a change with my other article with the deck idea. I noticed that I had the wrong amount of cards in it. I had 60 cards instead of 61. So I’m gonna fix that here. I’m going to add another character. I’ve decided to add 1 Professor Snape. Not for the 1P, but for what he can do. It’s good to be able to get back 7 cards to make the game last longer. Yeah…anyway, onto my article!


 This is a strange article, I know that already. So…you don’t have to remind me OK? It’s about the…classification of the cards. You Know, Rares, Uncommons, Etc. I used to play Pokémon. And I’ve noticed that almost all of the really good cards were…Holos. It’s sucked. You had to spend a whole lot of money to win some games. I’m guessing you had to spend about 50 bucks just to make your first decent deck. But here, in this fresh new game, Harry Potter, we don’t have the same problem. Cards like SteelClaw are, well, common! And I’m guessing that if it were in Pokémon, (Please bear with me) it'd be an uncommon or even a rare. Sure, most of the Holo cards ARE good, but still, even if you’re starting out, with good common and uncommon cards, you’ll still be able to pull of making a decent deck after spending about 20 bucks. This makes the game much more fun, IMO.


 Hey, this article is pretty short so far, so I’m gonna add a little strategy stuff. Let me think…which card/s…hm…I got it. Are you stuck trying to choose which healing card/s to use? Are you trying to guess which one is more compatible with your game situation? (You know, like if you’ll have 2P to discard for Elixir of Life and if you use it, you won’t be able to use a certain creature…or sometin like that) So I Studied All of the healing cards and came up with this. I think these are all of the healing cards: Boil Cure, Burning Bitterroot Balm, Elixir of Life, Hospital Wing, And Pomfrey’s Pick-Me-Up. Now Let’s See…First, let’s forget about Elixir Of life. Sure, I know, it’s good, but 10P is a little too much. And discarding 2P might ruin your game, even if it IS 16 cards. Pomfrey’s Pick-Me-Up is pretty decent, I mean, you get a card-drawing bonus, but…putting the cards at the bottom of the deck is a little…I don’t know how to express it. Oh, well. Boil cure: Fast, cheap, good. But then, it’s not effective enough…not for me anyways. Now between Burning Bitterroot Balm And Hospital Wing, That’s a hard decision. I’d just end up keeping both in my deck, but I will still state my opinion on this one. I’d say Hospital Wing. Why? It’s cheaper and it’s COMMON. That’s Good. But, like I said earlier, I’d put in both into a deck. Now, let me just say this: this is just my opinion. Many of you out there, I’m pretty sure have a different opinion on this one. Oh yeah, if you have extra deck space, I’d put in a…oh…uh…Pomfrey’s Pick-Me-Up. Ok, I’m Tired, And Done! Yay =)


This Is Silver_Serpent, Signing Off,




Sara Hwang