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Pojo's Fullmetal Alchemist Tips  

The tips section servers as a forum for fans to discuss anything relating to the card game. Rants, killer card combos, deck analysis, responses to the above and other tips all go here. If you'd like to contribute a yammer* see below for submission guidelines.


Submission Guidelines:

  • Include your (nick)name, the name of your tip, and your email address in your email.
  • Do not just submit a deck list! Explain how it works, and/or how well it did in playtesting. For quick feedback on your deck, use our Message Board.
  • When responding to a tip, please put the title of the tip in your email. This makes it easier for us when posting it.
  • Remember, we will be posting your email address with the tip, so if you're not comfortable with that, do not submit a tip.


*We used this term for the same sections on our other sites:
yamˇmer  Informal
To complain peevishly or whimperingly; whine.
To talk volubly and loudly.

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