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Character Bios: Pride

In the anime, he is King Bradley, the political and military ruler of Amestris holding the official title of president, also called "Führer." Created by Dante, he controls the country and directs its military in secret to further her ends. His Ouroburos tattoo is on his left eye, which Pride covers with an eye patch. His "Ultimate Eye" gives him the foresight to see all possible outcomes of a given situation, allowing him to predict the moves of any opponent before they happen. Dante considered him her finest creation - the only Homunculus she created who could appear to age like a normal human (although Wrath, created by Izumi, apparently also had this ability). Pride is younger than Greed and Envy while he is older than Sloth, Wrath and Lust. A comment from Greed during Fullmetal Alchemist: Reflections indicates that Pride (or a previous Pride) was the last Homunculus born prior to Greed's imprisonment, but this comment would create a discrepancy between this and his aging as a normal human. Adding to the confusion is Greed's comment about "Envy, Pride, and the others" which implies that Greed was aware of Pride's existence or unaware of a former Pride's death.
Physically aging enabled Pride to live among humans and even start a family of his own, with an adopted son named Selim (sometimes translated as Salem), whom he strangled to death when the boy inadvertently gave Roy Mustang an advantage against him: what Selim thought to be his father's most prized possession was actually the skull of the man Pride was created from, and causes him to become immobile. With the skull in hand Roy was able to repeatedly incinerate Pride with his alchemic flames, until at length his regenerative powers were depleted and he died.

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