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Character Bios: Envy

Childish and devious, he is a shape-shifter capable of changing into any human form possible.

Loves to fight, but exists in the world to kill a certain individual.
-Kenshin Eternal


The oldest surviving Homunculus, Envy claims that he has forgotten what he originally looked like, but in truth chose not to revert to that form out of hatred for his "father" - Hohenheim - whom he resembled. He hates all humankind and follows Dante mostly for the opportunity of killing as many people as he can. This is what drives Envy in all that he does--unlike the other Homunculi serving Dante, Envy does not care about the Philosopher's Stone, nor about becoming human. His lust for revenge on his creator, and inflicting pain and suffering on all humans, was the only thing that mattered. His most prominent murder was that of Maes Hughes, whom he killed after taking on the form of his wife Gracia. Envy was also key in imprisoning Greed, against whom he had a long-standing grudge, within the 5th Laboratory.

Envy was soon revealed to be the creation of Hohenheim in an attempt to resurrect the son he and Dante had, who had died from mercury poisoning when he was eighteen years old. Envy held a great hatred toward Hohenheim for never being acknowledged as his son, and for abandoning him and Dante. As a result, he naturally also hates his younger "half-brothers" Ed and Al, as they obtained the fatherly love that Envy himself never received. When learning from Dante that Hohenheim is gone, Envy snapped at being denied his right to kill him. But the fact that the Elrics possessed the stone made Envy more bent on making them suffer as he had. However, Edward managed see through Envy's disguises and tricks until the Homunculus revealed his true form (Hohenheim's deceased son with Dante, from whom Envy was created) and his connection to Hohenheim. That stunt was all it took for Envy to successfully kill Ed, though Al managed to revive him with the help of the Philosopher's Stone. Upon learning Hohenheim was still alive and beyond the Gate, Envy - still obsessed with the thought of killing him - is able to successfully open and make his way through the doors, during which he transforms into both Edward and his original self. By the time he made his way in, Envy becomes a massive serpentine dragon (a reference to both the Leviathan as the sin of envy personified and the Ouroboros tattoo all Homunculi possess) in the process. His power of transformation was rendered inert as he arrived at the other side, resulting in him remaining as the dragon that he crossed the gate as.

During the two year gap, he was captured by the Thule Society, possibly with the help of Hohenheim. Trapped in his massive serpent form, the Society intended to use Envy as a literal Ouroborus to open a physical Gate and transfer their soldiers to the other side, to "Shamballa." Hohenheim is imprisoned and offered to Envy as a sacrifice; a human chew-toy to keep the "Great Snake" calm as they formulate their plans. Around the time of Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa, Envy escapes, and takes shelter in an abandoned castle only to cross paths with Edward once again. In their ensuing fight, Envy is attacked on all sides by the Thule Society, who recapture him and managed to get a small regiment of soldiers to the other side for a short time. Envy's exact intentions toward his "father" were unclear. In the end, it is Hohenheim who took his own life using Envy as his means. But regardless Envy was able to satiate his desire for vengeance on Hohenheim at the cost of his own existence.

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