Top 10 Most Used Cards


Top 10 Most Used Cards – Justin Florio in GA


                I have been sitting here on the computer for about 10 minutes, thinking about what to write to the people at Pojo. I have searched around the site for a long time, and I have decided it is time to contribute something. So anyways, I have recently been noticing that a lot of the same cards are being used in many different decks (well, at least at my venues). It may have something to do with the brute force of the card, or maybe the effect. But here is the list of the top 10 most used cards that I have seen at my venues.


#10  Aqua Guard -- This little bugger can be a real pest for a cheap price. Isn’t it really annoying when your opponent gets this creature on the field in the first turn? Aqua Guard is a single mana blocker that can block most early creatures, causing you to pass until you can get something strong enough to beat it. Aqua Guard is commonly used because of his cheap price, and his type, liquid people, which can evolve into the ever-popular Crystal Lancer.


#9  Barkwhip, the Smasher -- Barkwhip, the Smasher… there isn’t really much explaining to do about why this guy is used. Barkwhip only costs 2 mana for 5000 power, and he is an evolution on a very common race, the beast folk. When you have a 5000 attacker by the third turn with no summoning sickness, you know you have a good card, which is why he is overused. Now, his affect really boosts his abilities. All your other early beast folk get plus 2000 when this pounder is tapped, giving you a slight edge.


#8 Holy Awe -- Holy Awe is used because of 1. it is a shield trigger. And 2. it has a devastating affect that can change the tide of the game. Holy Awe may be 6 mana, but it is well worth it to tap all your opponents creatures, giving you a clear shot at either the creatures or your opponent’s shields. And when you get Holy Awe as a shield trigger, you can stop all the rest of your opponents creatures from attacking. It has become even more popular because it was free at the 5 civilizations tournament.


#7 La Ura Giga, Sky Guardian -- This creature is just like Aqua Guard. It costs one mana for a 2000 blocking ability, which can block most early game hitters. And just like Aqua Guard, the Sky Guardian has  evolutions that are decent for any duel. It can evolve into Larba Geer, the Immaculate, tapping all your opponent’s pesky blockers, and it can evolve into Ladia Bale, the Inspirational, a powerhouse blocker and Double Breaker.


#6 Terror Pit -- Very clear on this one. Terror Pit is a shield trigger spell, which might be cast for free. It destroys any creature on the field of YOUR choosing. Pull this spell out and say bye-bye to your opponent’s strongest creature.


#5 Crystal Lancer -- Crystal Lancer is one of the stronger creatures in the game with 8000 power. On top of that, it has the Double Breaker ability and cannot be blocked. This means, whenever this creature attacks, you have the potential to ALWAYS break two shields. On top of that, Crystal Lancer is an evolution, allowing it to attack right when it is summoned. For 6 mana, Crystal Lancer is a steal.


#4 Aqua Hulcus -- This is yet another popular creature of the Liquid People race. You might think 3 mana for 2000 power wouldn’t be popular, but people use it for 1. Evolution into Crystal Lancer. And 2. Its effect lets you draw a card. This could put you ahead of your opponent in options for your next move.


#3 Fighter Dual Fang (FDF) -- FDF is commonly used because of his awesome effect and attack. This card costs 6 mana, but is well worth it for an Evolution creature. FDF has 8000 attack and the Double Breaker ability. He evolves onto a very common race, the beast folk. Also, when he is summoned, you get a 2 mana boost from the top of your deck. This creature is incredible in any deck with beast folk in it.


#2 Mist Rias, Sonic Guardian -- Rias is a 5 light card with only 2000 attack. You may ask, “Why is this card used so much?” Well, it is because of its effect. When you have Mist Rias is on the field, each time a creature is summoned, you get to draw a card. This becomes highly effective for decks with higher amounts of cards. You will have many more options in plays than your opponent, and your opponent may think twice about summoning creatures so that you don’t get more cards.


#1 Bronze-Arm Tribe -- Bronze-Arm Tribe is definitely the most commonly used card around here. He is in almost every deck. This little creature may cost 3 mana and only have 1000 power, but its affect makes Bronze-Arm Tribe the guru of decks it is played in. Bronze-Arm Tribe accelerates the mana in your mana zone. When it is summoned, you get to put the top card of your deck into your mana zone. This affect puts you ahead of your opponent very early in the game, allowing you to summon stronger creatures at a faster rate. Bronze-Arm Tribe works in any deck running nature cards. This little creature has a lot of potential for many decks.


Justin Florio – Lawrenceville, GA