My Top 10 Favorite Cards- Brandon S


Hi everyone, my name is Brandon and I am gonna tell you what my top ten favorite cards to use are




10.) Rothus The Traveler: This card is overall great. For 4 mana you can wipe out a creature on your opponent's side of the field. The only negative is that you must also destroy a creature. This card fits in perfect in with any fire deck, or a Control deck.


 Rating: 7/10


9.) Vashuna, Sword Dancer: This card is perfect for ANY darkness deck. For 5 mana you get a Demon Command double breaker. The only catch is when your opponent is out of shields Vashuna cannot attack any longer. This creature is powerful, 7000 attack is hard to stop early in the game, and may but your opponent away.


 Rating: 8/10


8.) Horrid Worm: This you chills just thinking about it. It can destroy your opponent's hand in just a few short turns. It only costs a measly 3 mana, 2000 attack, and the killer discard random effect. Horrid Worm can get really make your opponent mad by getting rid of that trump card he planned to use next turn.


Rating: 9/10


7.) Terror Pit: This card is downright awesome. It can and will save you in a duel (if it's part of your shields :P) This card makes me very angry when they use it on me. 6 mana to destroy your opponent's creature. It's powerful, and can get rid of a powerful monster, like Fighter Dual Fang, or Armored Blaster Valdios.


Rating: 9/10


6.) Barkwhip The Smasher: This card is great. Only 2 mana, and it can be summoned in turn 3. It can take the game over fast and hurt your opponent early. 5000 attack is a force to be reckoned with. It does suck to have this card Coriled me, I know. This card can kill a lot of creatures early too.


Rating: 8/10


5.) Spiral Gate: This card is a staple in any water deck for the cost of 2 mana, you can really reck your opponent's day. This card is common in Dark/Water decks simply because of the Spiral Gate/Ghost Touch combo. This card bounces (returns) any creature on the field back to it's owner's hands. You can also use it on yourself to return a Aqua Hulcas, so you can draw another card, or a Locomotivater so your opponent discards another card.


Rating: 9/10


4.) Death Smoke: This card rocks. This card is well known for making your opponent VERY angry. Imagine this. Your opponent summons a Fighter Dual Fang, but they don't attack. You only have 4 mana, but you have a Death Smoke in your hand. Death Smoke destroys any untapped creature on the field. This card is a KILLER card, and a pretty nice cost. I myself hate this card, but I love to use it.


Rating: 8/10


3.) Twin Cannon Skyterror: Do you think 7 mana is a heavy cost? It might be, but not for this fella. It costs 7 mana, but it has 7000 attack, and two ability's. One is Double Breaker, and the other is speed attacker. This card can win a duel easily. I was actually defeated by this card. Speed Attacker means you can attack with it the turn you play it. So your opponent basically has a bad day. This card is one will be very popular and extremely deadly.


Rating: 9/10


2.) Holy Awe: This card has saved me more times then I can count. It costs 6 mana, and it's one of the best spells ever. It's a shield trigger too. When it's played, it taps all of your opponent's creature's in the battle field. This card is deadly to Mono-Light Diamond Cutter decks, or deadly to any deck. It stops your opponent dead for one turn. Also...the card it's self is pretty :P


Rating 10/10


1.) Corile: This card is the major p/o card. For 5 mana, you can send a creature on your opponent's side of the field to the top of their deck. Beautiful, or in the words of Mr. Lee Sandow "downright sexy"(LOL) This card is a major staple in any water deck. I definatly recommend it. It's my favorite card of all time. I hate when people use it own me, but I love to use it on other people. Well, that's all!


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