Mini Survival Guide to Survivors of the Megapocalypse

February 12, 2005

By JMatthew

††††††† The newest Duel Masters set hit the stores only a few weeks ago. For the most part, Duel Masters sets have really not pushed the envelope. In fact, since Evocrushinators of Doom we really have not been presented with much of anything to test the skills of the players. Survivors of the Megapocalypse is different. At least half the cards in this set present a certain amount of potential. Much of this is thanks to the three new abilities we have been given.

†In this article I would like to evaluate these new abilities out. How good are they really? What can we do with them? How will they stack up to what we already have? Letís check it out.

Survivors Survivor

An interesting new ability for the game, which could prove to hold a great deal of potential as more sets come out. The right combination of these cards can make your game. Then again, the wrong combination can make you simply look stupid. Instead of trying to run through all ten cards right here, Iíve chosen to break them down by colors. Check it out.



††††††††††† The abilities of both Darkness cards are most definitely strong. The Skullsweeper Q has a little bit to be desired in the power department. The ability of forcing your opponent to discard a card on attack is definitely strong despite the low power. I wish this creature had a slightly lower casting cost. Then again, turn two Blazosaur Q and a turn three Skullsweeper Q might be a little stronger than I want to see hit the board. Even scarier is, thanks to the Survivor†ability, a swarm attack by Skullsweeper Q and/or a couple of Survivor†allies can quickly decimate an opponentís hand.

††††††††††† Gigaling Q is right on the money when it comes to cost. I would be terrified to see this card cost less than the 5 mana already required. Gigaling Q can swiftly turn the tied of any game. The opponent some how storms the board with multiple Alcadaies, Lord of Spirits? Slap down Gigaling Q and you will quickly take down those nasty fatties and still have plenty Survivors to go around!




††††††††††† Fire has some of the best Survivorís currently available. To begin with, Blazosaur Q fits perfectly into the fast weenie style Fire creatures that already exist. Blazosaur Qís Power Attacker ability is all the better. True, normally you can get a Brawler Zyler at the same cost and twice the Power Attacker ability, however I still believe this card is pretty well balanced.

††††††††††† Bladerush Skyterror Q takes the cake with Double Breaker! True, you do pay for its Double Breaker and survivor ability, however Iím a big believer in Double Breaker. This is an ability that wins games and wins them fast. When Bladerush Skyterror Q hits the table you will have a hoard of Double Breakers. The chance of your opponent fending each of these creatures seems slim.

††††††††††† If the Fire Survivors has any real draw back then it would have to in their drastically disparaging casting cost - only 2 for one and a whooping 7 for the other. Of course, any Survivors deck will not currently be able to run mono-color and so you will be forced to run another color to have more Survivors. Be sure to pick a color that will help you fill in the missing costing cost.†



††††††††††† Gallia Zohl, Iron Gaurdian Q seems pretty nice. Light has few attackers that can block and this is one of them. To top it off all your other Survivor†are granted blocker give you a very impressive defense! Considering other blockers in the game the 5 casting cost may seem high. However, since there are no disadvantages presented upon this card (such as ďCannot attack playersĒ) 5 casting cost is really good. If you donít believe me, compare it to Aqua Shooter. True, this mean you are paying for the Survivor, but I suppose we canít always expect to get something for nothing.

††††††††††† On the other hand, Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q is an extremely poor card. At first, the untapping of all your creatures may seem to be a pretty good ability. Unfortunately, Toel, Vizer of Hope untaps all your creatures in the battle zone the same way, has the same casting cost and you donít have to worry about them your creatures having Survivor! NEVER play with this card. If you want the ability simply run Toel, Vizer of Hope instead. Donít have any? Heís only uncommon and shouldnít be hard to get and even if he is you should be able to head down to McDonaldís and pack them there (for a limited time only).

††††††††††† Light definitely has something to offer in the Survivor. Chuck Ballus, Dogfight Enforcer Q out the door, though. Gallia Zohl, Iron Gaurdian Q will work for you fine Ė perhaps splash him, Toel, Vizer of Hope and Holy Awes if you really want to run Light.




While the abilities found amongst the Nature survivors are typically for their civilization, I find Ballonshroom Q to be rather disappointing. True, the same ability is possessed other potent Nature creatures, such as Mighty Shouter, however the 4 casting cost of Ballonshorrm Q forces it to fall short. Compare it to Smash Horn Q. With Smash Horn Q you have a 2000 power creature to start. Thatís 2 of Smash Horn Qís casting cost. Plus 1000 power should cost an extra 1 casting cost for a total of three. So, the Survivorability is actually granted for free.

††††††††††† Taking from this perspective, Ballonshroom Q forces you to pay for everything on the card Ė including the Survivorability. True, there are worse cards, but Balloonshroom Q is a little disappointing. Then again, Smash Horn Q is a pretty decent Survivor†and may be Natureís true redeeming quality that will push you toward playing Natureís Survivorís.




††††††††††† Split-Head Hydroturtle Q may seem like a pretty good card at first. Then again, how often do you really see people running Hypersquid Walter? Basically thatís all you get here Ė an over priced Hypersquid Walter. Can you tell Iím not to fascinated with this card? Iím sure you can make this card work if you really push it. Then again, there are already plenty better ways to gaining card advantage in the game.

††††††††††† Spikestroke Ichthys Q is another story. Frankly, I would rather it have a lower power and cost less, but I suppose we must make do with what they give us. This Survivor†can couple with other Survivorís (can we say Bladerush Skyterror Q) and topple your opponent with brutal efficiency. If you plan to run water and want to play Survivors then you canít miss out on this card!



Triple Breakers

††††††††††† One of the things appealing to many players of Duel Masters are the big monsters. Before Survivors of the Megapocalypse the largest creatures we were presented with was Alcadeias, Lord of Spirits and perhaps the infamous Bolshack Dragon (in certain situations). This new set brings that number in the left corner to a whole new level. That new level is 15,000, in fact, presented to use by Fireís Billion-Degree Dragon! Despite this new level of power this is not what is truly impressive above these creatures. The real impressive factor is their new ability. Triple Breaker!

††††††††††† But how good is Triple Breaker really? I contend thatís really not any better than Double Breaker Ė at least in most cases. Consider this. For a Double Breaker to beat your opponent it will typically require four attacks. The first attack destroys two shields, the second two more, the third the last shield and the last attack finally takes out the player. A Triple-Breaker will require one attack less for a total of three attacks to finish the opponent. The first attack annihilates three shields, the second two and the last takes down the opponent.

The problem is, is this worth the cost? The lowest casting cost of these Triple Breakers is Death Cruzer, the Annihilator. While he does have really cool picture (especially since itís holoed) he destroys all of your own creatures! One Death Smoke from your opponent and you will find yourself in deep trouble! The others do not possess this disadvantage, but for the most part you sure pay for it in their casting cost. Billion-Degree Dragon cost 10, Syrius, Firmament Elemental cost 11 and King Tsunami cost a kingly 12! Good luck at consistently casting and attacking with any of these over-sized brutes.

I have neglected to mention one last Triple-Breaker. This is because that last Triple-Breaker is likely the most useful of all of these cards. Not only does it cost a mere 7 mana, it does not have the draw back of Death Cruzer, the Annihilator, has a 7000 power and +7000 power attacker. The cardís only penalty is the inability to attack other creatures. This monstrous brute is Nocturnal Giant! Check him out.





Speed Attackers

††††††††††† Speed Attacker is not actually a new ability to Duel Masters. Evolution cards pretty much have the same ability, only they donít bother to write it on the cards. So, why play with Speed Attackers over Evolutions? Iím not so sure if you should. Speed Attackers are not with out their advantages over Evolutions, though.

††††††††††† Two advantages to Fast Attackers; they only cost you one card to get the same effect as you get with an Evolution Ė yeah, thatís actually two. Any Evolution is the investment of two cards, the evobait and the Evolution card itself. So, Speed Attackers have an advantage both when it comes to card advantage and if your opponent is bouncing your creatures back to your hand it will likely be easy to attack each turn with Speed Attacker than it will be with Evolutions. I say the jury is still out on these guys. You be the judge.