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GAMERS DESCEND ON CHICAGO FOR DREAMBLADE - Winner of $10,000 Tournament Celebrates Victory

CHICAGO (October 15, 2006) -- The stakes were high this weekend in Chicago as scores of gamers descended on the Schaumburg Convention Center to compete for a cut of $10,000 being offered in the Dream Series, the competitive tournament circuit for DREAMBLADE, a popular sci-fi game from Wizards of the Coast, subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Robert Hatch of Wilmington, California captured top honors at the event, which is one of over two hundred tournaments held throughout North America that collectively offer in excess of half a million dollars in cash prizes for competitive play in the recently launched game.

"Attendance at this weekend’s 10K tournament exceeded our expectations," said Ginger Ahn, Brand Manager for DREAMBLADE« at Wizards of the Coast.

"The DREAMBLADE« experience has arrived as a pacesetter in hobby gaming."

In addition to their weekend cash haul, Hatch and other top contenders will have the opportunity to advance to the $50,000 August 2007 DREAMBLADE« Championship, the culminating event in the annual Dream Series tournament circuit.

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