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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Archangel Tommy

Reviewed May 18, 2007

Duncan Wilson Archangel Tommy

Our first valour Anvilborn piece, our first anvilborn rare, and my first valour, AND rare! Woo!

Alright, so what's an Archangel? The obvious answer is that it's a angel that is more angely than the others. They appear most often in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and are heard and named, but not described. They are depicted in art as having bigger wings and extra eyes. They are not nearly as cool as the multi-winged Seraphium, in my opinion, who already got a representive in the Chrysotic Plague Seraph. Tommy refers to a tommygun, which is what this bad boy totes around. To the figure!

Tommy is a 11VV rare, with 4 power, 8 def, 8 life. He has reinforce valour and double multiblade mass wound 4. Let's discuss.

He is more fragile than I'd like him to be, but this is because he has abilities coming out his ears and the power to back it up. Something had to go SOMEWHERE. So he's an 8/8. That costs 11. Reinforce is great, make no mistake, because it lets you plunk down a heavy right where and when you need it. Mass wound is interesting, and fits right into the other damage abilities that valour has got, like stalwart and heroics.

Just imagine - You're at 4 turns, your opponent's at 5. He made a play for your back row that you managed to disrupt, but not before he scored a couple turns just from owning the middle row. You've got one Ardent Zungar in the center cell facing down all 4 of your opponent's passion fatties, who've just gotten back from being disrupted. You rolled 5 on inititive, he rolled 4. You spend your 2 extra spawn points to divebomb Tommy here to the center cell, and open up in your first action. Passion fatties get shot full of holes. Your Archangel Tommy comes to life and blows the smoke out of his barrel.

Well, that was fun, wasn't it? Honestly, I think he's too expensive and too fragile to be usable. He will not survive much longer than a turn, because he is too damn nasty to live. My advice is if you want to try him out, bring bodyguards to make him just a bit more survivable, skirmish to let him get more sweet, sweet mass wounds off, and some passion so he's helping you roll tons of dice.

Duncan Wilson (vorebane on the forums, vorebane LOCATION hotmail SPECK com)
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