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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Abyssal Predator

Reviewed May 15, 2007

Duncan Wilson Here's our first Anvilborn Passion piece! He's some kinda deep-sea angeler fish or something. No cool mythical stuff for you today.

I don't like him, straight off. But let's take a look at what he's got. Costs 9PP, 7 power, 6 def, 9 life. Abilities are loner and double blade spur.

For me, it's loner that's the killer. He's expensive, and more fragile than I like my fatties to be, but that's because I like my Baxar/Valour band, and 6/9 is about as tough as you can expect passion to be. He's got a nice bite at 7 power, which also means that his spur has an about 1/3 chance of coming off. He might play well in a warpstrikey band where there is damage flying all over the place and everyone's helping each other pick off their targets, so loner doesn't hurt as much. I still think it's a shame that a good looking piece like this got hamstrung with loner. I even like the model, he just looks so happy in the most toothy way possible.

(Also, I'm not rating right now because I feel uncomfortable ranking these things. It feels like I'm just attaching a random number and saying what I've already said.)

Duncan Wilson
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