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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Zungar Shieldsworn

Image from Wizards.com

Zungar Shieldsworn


Reviewed May 10, 2007

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Duncan Wilson Zungar Shieldsworn

Today's piece, continuing our start on Anvilborn, is the uncommon weenie Zungar Shieldsworn.

So, stats. 3V means he's a weenie you can drop just about any turn, 1 power means he's mostly useless for killing things, 3 def and 4 life means he goes pop way too easy. So why is he here? Disarm 4! Whenever a cell with him in it is attacked, one enemy fig attacking him (with the restriction that it's 4 or less) doesn't participate in the combat. This little guy renders a lot of weenies useless. Scarab Warcharm is the big one, and pieces like Seraph, Clawclan and Scout, get hit too.

The best use for him should be pretty obvious from just the pieces I picked to demonstrate his usefulness - get him down first, charge him into the fray, and keep all of those skirmishers and advances from coming off. This is, unfortunately, about the only use for him - he's too weak, and too potentially dangerous for your opponent to not pop him the moment the mid-game starts and your mid level guys start having it out. He is also horribly vulnernable to even 2 weenies - he can disarm 1, but not another, and that's enough to bring him down. That 1 power means he can't even pin a fellow weenie down and beat the hell out of him.

I still think his early game potential is huge, which is why I'm trying him out in my warband, but I'm not expecting game-winning things from him. I'm hoping he can charge in there and pin down something while I bring the big guns out. Even if he can't kill anything himself, pinning things down is what I like from my weenies.

Duncan Wilson
vorebane on the forums
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