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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Shimmersword Sergeant
Omens: Chrysotic Plague

Reviewed January 11, 2007


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade

Shimmersword Sergeant

Ok, my second new piece for reviewing. Today we open up for you a new mechanic to oggle at. Of course, it may not be that new if you kept in touch with the Omens previews on the Dreamblade main site. Today brings forth a new set of Twins, which can be exchanged back and forth from your reserves during a spawn phase for free. His twin, the Shimmersword Merc, will probably cost 9 as well (otherwise you're gaining or losing spawn points when you switch then). For Valor, 9/10 on a 9 drop is ok, so I won't go too into that. but 3 power?? Not gonna get much damage or blades off of that. His other ability is Crit 1 MB, which is a decent filler ability, and will make this guy a good pull in Sealed, but as for Constructed, could easily be replaced by Ranging Vanguard unless Merc is decent as well. Seriously, 1 or 2 damage is not as exciting as 2 movement abilities, unless of course you get caught in a situation with all engaged guys and you can only assign blades to Advance, or vice versa for Skirmish. Otherwise, Savannah Dreamhunter would pwn Hawk Eyed Investigator. I should wait til Merc comes out for an honest review, but I will rate it as a piece alone for now.

Constructed - 3/5 - average really, I really don't like playing Valor for the Crits. So it doesn't appeal to me too much. Otherwise Stage Zealot x3 for sure. Still a decent piece.

Sealed - 4/5 - wouldn't mind this as a Rare pull, since this is one of the better rares I have seen previewed as of now.

Aetwork - 3.5/5 - gonna record the He-Man "I have the power!!" for when I play this guy


 Shimmersword Sargeant

Ok, yeah, this guy, not that exciting. Tomorrow though... god yes. It's a piece that pretty much had me creaming my pants and I don't even know what it does just yet (Bill's been keeping rather quiet, giving us the pieces one at a time instead of together like he usually does. Not very fun, but ah well). Let's just say that if it isn't one of the best pieces in the set, I will have little option but to commit suicide in my despair.

Anyway, enough about that. Here's Mr. Shimmersword Blue dude. 9V, twin of the red Shimmersword Mercenary, and wielding multiblade Crit. 3 Power, 9 Defense, and 10 Life round the stats out.


Wait, all the hype and we get this? The hell? He gets to switch out with a 5 power Loner... but why you'd play EITHER ONE is beyond me. I admit he isn't necessarily a Stag Zealot or Prowling Leopardman in crapiness, but he's just should not have been a rare. The twin mechanic is cool, absolutely, but it doesn't justify giving a piece 3 power and multiblade crit ONE. If it was Crit 2 or 3, he'd be halfway decent. So far, the twins aren't getting much love. Hopefully that will change over time, because I'm sure they'd make for an awesome casual theme band, and at least a few might even be good for competitive.

But as I have hinted at before: THE SHIMMERSWORDS ARE NOT THOSE TWINS.

My frigging god. I'm happy I get to review these new pieces, I really am, and I understand we have to deal with some pretty cruddy stuff just to explain WHY some pieces are cruddy... so I guess I'd better stop whining and get to work

First thing: Stats SUCK. 3 power at 9V is inexcusable, even for Valor, an aspect that has always preferred defense over offense, but still. 4 would have made him just barely acceptable on his own, even without twinning. 9|10 is good, but for Valor, not great. At the very least, there isn't much competition for the Valor 9 slot. Raging Vanguard, Loyal Scragglemaw, and Zungar Bodyguard being the only ones, and of them, only Vanguard sees any meaningful play. With considerably better 8 drops, there's no real point to playing any of these guys.

Multiblade Crit is cool absolutely, turning what otherwise would have been wasted blades into 1s for damage, but... why bother with that when you could put them towards Hawk-Eyed Instigator or Scarab Warcharm's Advance, Falcon Soldier's Crit 2, or even WHIRLING KNIFEDANCER for less than half the cost with the SAME POWER?

And did I mention his sculpt was bland and boring? Crap rare if there ever was one, and his brother belongs.

1/5 across the board. Pray that tomorrow is as good as I think it will be. Pray hard, to God, Allah, Vishnu, Zeus, Odin, or whatever other heathen god you sacrifice goats too.
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