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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Chrysotic Plague

Reviewed February 01, 2007

Constructed: 2
Sealed: 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Back to new pieces, we got a pretty special guy that I think the majority of us have heard of outside of Dreamblade from stories of some sort. Well now he's on the dreamscape, but how will he fight? He's a 9-drop of the Fear lineage, which as of now does not really have a place holder aside from what may become the tech slot for Toxic Sludger. For his cost, he enters as a 3- 5/8. Gasp! That sucks! That Clawkller guy we reviewed from Baxar's has the same stats for 4 less spawn!. Alright Wizards, we need a good effect here. We are given two to try and compensate. Working up, we have a single blade Expel. A neat thing to have to push out engaged guys you can't kill to win the turn is a very nice thing to have. Of course, we could always use Jack of Blades and Horrid Poltergiest for that stuff. Now here is the super neat effect that apparently makes him worth a rare. Gloom is a come in to play ability. When it triggers, each creature is moved toward the owner of each pieces' spawn row. Now how can this be useful you ask. Based on what the release podcast for this set told us about this piece, its most useful utility is being more of a reset button, in the sense that any turn you can spawn that you do not have an ideal board set-up, you can use it to set both players back and usually empty the center of the dreamscape. Very few combos aside from this come to mind, but being able to reset board position may prove to be viable against match-ups with faster warbands like swarm or Kitsune Beats. We'll have to wait for some constructed tourney reports to see if he pulls in results.

Constructed - 2/5 - Not that solid of a piece, so as long as you get it out early enough, I see this being decent, but not as powerful as some Fear rares.
Sealed - 3/5 - Not too many desireable rares for Sealed. Expel is pretty good here, and Gloom can be pretty nice on an outnumbered board.
Artwork - 3/5 - The paintwork on mine is kinda sloppy, but cool design for the coat.
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