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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Chrysotic Plague

Reviewed April 6, 2007

Constructed: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Chen Wan Lee Seraph
I seem to be facing the same problem the last main reviewer had; doing a solo job. Doing solo reviews is pretty dull. I know there are a lot of players out there, and I really doubt it would hurt to put in 10 minutes of your life twice to three times a week to write a decent review, would it?

Anyway, this week’s review is Seraph, a Valor common from Chrysotic Plague.
Its essentially a Cannibal Pariah that costs one extra spawn point for multiblade Advance. There are, however, a few problems with this figure.
Although Advance is good, it forces you to move your unengaged figures. Now, that isn’t a bad thing, especially since its multiblade, but this means that you cannot move the pieces currently in combat which would then enable them to see more combat for that phase, unlike Clawclan Scout, its biggest competitor for the 3-cost slot in any warband. Sure, the Advance ability on Seraph is a multiblade, but I prefer Skirmish in most cases.

The other problem with Seraph’s ability being a blade is actually getting the Seraph near an enemy. It is really, really soft, even softer than the Clawclan Scout. Just add one spawn point and you can get a Scarab Warcharm, which hits just as hard, but is far tougher and with Skirmish in addition to multiblade Advance. Yet ANOTHER issue is the fact that the Lunar Handmaiden and Pearlthorn Castle, both of which see pretty regular play (especially the castle), pretty much give Advance during the spawn phase, adding to the redundancy of Seraph’s ability.

With all that hammering, does that mean that the Seraph is bad? It isn’t. It does, however, suffer from the fact that in a lot of cases, some other pieces in its range are simply superior to it. Still, in casual this piece can easily see play, and occasionally in tournament warbands.

Constructed: 3/5. Average.
Sculpt: 5/5. I really like it. Reminds me of Gundam Wing Zero in the Endless Waltz OVA when it was activating, for those who watched the anime.

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Final piece of the week, Seraph is said to be the worst of the 3 drops. When Runetagged Brawler was released, it was played by the masses. Same for Clawclan Scout. Seraph follows, but it did not see much play aside of some Valor rush bands. Of course there is Thrice Crowned as well, but he does not seem to get play outside Janus bands (maybe not even in there...). Seraph is persumably weaker defensively, but packs Multiblade Advance. The next guy up to pack this is none other than the Warcharm, so if you can't afford one of those bad boys, he's your runner up. Advance is an amazing ability to have, and no matter what the size, it can be the key to pulling off some cool combat tricks in the action phase. Not to mention the weak stats allow it to die early on, giving spawn points to a aspect that has no way of gaining spawn outside perished allies.

Constructed - 3.5/5 - It works, but most people would agree with me in saying Clawclan Scout beats it, seeing as Skirmish > Advance.
Sealed - 4/5 - It helps cancel out negative blade abilities, its a low drop, and it helps in a format with little movement abilities. Use it if you have the Valor to support it. Otherwise, its a risk dropping it at 4 spawn.
Artwork - 2/5 - its just wings, but they are well done.
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