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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Aviax Firebrand
Image from Wizards.com

Aviax Firebrand

Reviewed April 3, 2007

Constructed: 4.50
Sealed: 3.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Chen Wan Lee Aviax Firebrand
I don’t really need to review this miniature to convince you its good, but heck I’m going to anyway =P

Quite simply put, if you currently play Dreamblade, there is no way you are not acquainted with one of the best pieces in all of Chrysotic Plague; it being uncommon just sweetens the deal. Unlike most Passion figures, the Firebrand has a very, very low attack value of 3, which ties with the 3P-cost Boneclan Hunter; not a very good start for our 9P-costed figure of the day. Its life and defense values are rather respectable and on the higher end of the spectrum for Passion, but are still lackluster as compared to most other miniatures that share its cost from different aspects; even those usually have a higher attack value.

However, what truly makes this miniature tick is its amazing spawn phase effect. Although highly costed, this ability has a myriad of uses in the current environment, and there are bound to be more to come soon. You can use it to dump everything into your Reapers. You could use it to retreat or advance your entire army. You could use it to bunch your opponent’s figures up to deal a deathblow with something huge like Unsated Ragedrake, or heck you could even get a straight column just to set off Octorilla’s ability.
You could also go crazy and combine it with other spawn-phase movement figures like Crypt Worm, Lunar Handmaiden, Thunder Sultan and so on for a massive and potentially devastating relocation of figures across the board.
Either way, if you pull this effect off properly, it wins games.

Constructed: 4.5/5. Only reason it didn’t get 5/5 is because its stats aren’t that fantastic.
Sculpt: 4/5. Its an owl-man that looks like he is preaching. The main figure isn’t that cool, but the funky cloud makes up for it ;)
That Guy That Plays DreamBlade AVIAX FIREBRAND

I've been doing alot of catching up in school, but I'm back for more reviewing. Becoming one of the more favorite pieces of mine is this fella, the Aviax Firebrand. Trumping his rare cowboy cousin, he is a solid 9 drop that has seen competitive play. For one, he has more defensive power than almost every Passion piece released thus far. 7/9 is pretty great for his cost. His power is what is the best part of him though. Warcry has the most combo potential in the game, and is a very devastating ability. For 3 points in a scoring cell, you can choose a cell around the Firebrand or in the cell he is in currently, and shift as many people from both groups in without breaking stacking limits. Now considering you choose the order in which pieces move into the cell first, it be used well in unison with other great effects. Brighthammer and Reaper come to mind when refering to universal spawn phase movement. It also can be used to pull your guys up in order to trigger abilties that occur only in scoring cells. It also can be of help in the action phases following that. You can group your guys together with Firebrand so you can strike/shift. Pulling in Ragedrake, Warcharm, Bloodhawk, and the Aviax will lead to devastating board advantage, and all it costs is 3 spawn in order to basically do what it would normally take you a whole action phase to do. Definitly a piece worth considering.

Constructed - 4.5/5 - not good alone, but it has seen powerful results when used with complimentary pieces.
Sealed - 2.5/5 - Not the best, but it still functions in much the same way. Very little to work with however that actually makes a difference and usually isn't worth the cost.
Artwork - 2.5/5 - The cloud around it is cool.
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