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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Heart Thief
Image from Wizards.com

Heart Thief
Baxar's War

Reviewed April 18, 2007

Constructed: 3.75
Sealed: 3.50

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Chen Wan Lee Heart Thief
Today’s piece is Heart Thief, a rare Passion piece from Baxar’s War. It costs 7 points (ignoring the aspect cost), putting it right up there with notables like Infernal Gothic, Carrion Spiker, Ropestrung Scarecrow and the now-banned-but-not-forgotten Kitsune. Bad news? Its stats are poor; its defense/life scores are the lowest amongst all those miniatures, and its only higher than the Scarecrow and Kitsune, not counting the Carrion Spiker.

As usual, pieces with poor stats for their cost should make it up with a good ability. The fact that its stats are worse than pieces with Multiblade Lure, Multiblade Scare and Thantomancy puts a lot of pressure on this piece.
The result?

Energy Feed is interesting; if a 1 is rolled by either player, you still get to spawn, giving you somewhere between 2 and 7 spawn points, and an average of about 4-5 (if I’m not mistaken). This gives you enough to spawn a Scarab Warcharm on an average roll, a Cannibal Pariah if you are really unlucky, or an another 7-spawn point piece if you got lucky. Its not bad, especially if you somehow keep her alive, and both players keep rolling 1’s throughout the game. The chance of either player rolling a 1 is a good 1/3, so chances are, you would probably get to pull her off at least once if your opponent’s pieces aren’t too near to your spawn row.

Overall, the piece is definitely playable, but it faces some extremely stiff competition in the 7-cost slot, causing it to be left out in most cases.
Problem is, its effect doesn’t always work, as there may be times when she is in play that either player may not roll 1’s. To make matters worse, in most tournaments, 1’s are rerolled if it occurs twice in a row, making her effect even more difficult to trigger.

Constructed: 3.5/5. Definitely playable.
Sculpt: 3/5. Average I guess. Heart-on-a-stick, anyone? =P
Josh "Thespian" Gatner When I first saw the Heart Thief’s ability, I was stunned to the point where I was thinking that she was going to be a completely broken mini that every player will include in his or her band. Fast forward three months or so, and my prediction has not come to pass. Why not?

First of all, her ability to allow you to have a spawn phase when one’s are rolled is conditional. You must put her out in a scoring cell to do so. This would not be so bad if she had more than four defence and six life. This means that a single lucky Cannibal Pariah can dislodge her. Even if you do have her in place, then someone must roll a one in order for her ability to trigger. This means that her inflated spawn cost of seven spawn might not be worth it if you don’t get her ability going. So many conditions. It almost doesn’t seem worth it . . .

ARE YOU KIDDING?! Of course she is worth it! The key is to make sure to maximize the chances that her ability will trigger. You need to play her early and make sure that she gets into position as soon as possible. If you can spawn her on the first or second turn, you will almost be assured of seeing some benefit. To maximize that benefit, make sure to have some kind of spawn acceleration. This means have a Heartsblood Temple or two, or maybe a Rainforest Shaman. Even the ever-popular Bloodhawk Barag would put you quite a bit further ahead than your opponent. These other figures are necessary due to the nature of rolling ones. When someone rolls a one, you certainly can’t get anything significant out. For example, if you roll a one and your opponent rolls a three, the result is a paltry four. However, given one of each of the aforementioned minis, you sit pretty with 11 spawn. Having this much spawn when your opponent does not is backbreaking. If it works twice, you should have the game in hand.

So get her out early and have a plan to protect her so that you might have a chance to gain from the benefit. She will have a MASSIVE target on her forehead. What if you don’t roll a one? Well, you get to look forward to a four dice deathblow. Maybe.

Constructed: 4/5 – Try to squeeze her into your temple goodstuff band if you can.
Limited: 4/5 – Very solid piece, but without spawn acceleration, it is not as effective.
Artwork: 2/5 – This reject drow elf belongs in a different game. Not so creative.

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