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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Fleshworm Broodsire

Image from Wizards.com

Fleshworm Broodsire

Reviewed April 17, 2007

Constructed: 2.50
Sealed: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Chen Wan Lee Fleshworm Broodsire
My review for today is coming in pretty late, so I’ll make this a little shorter. The Fleshworm Broodsire is a Madness rare from Baxar’s War (and incidentally, my first ever Baxar’s War rare). Coming in at 8M, this piece has a good attack rating for its stats, but with relatively poor defense and life values. Its biggest competition for this slot in Madness would be the Chysalis Spinner, that hasn’t seen too much gameplay lately, although it would probably make a show soon with all the Hiveling love in CP and Anvilborn. The Spinner is significantly tougher with 2 extra defense and 3 extra toughness, with a good ability to bring back a piece from the grave.

However, under almost all situations where the Broodsire would be played (if ever), its for its effect. Its effect significantly aids warbands that suffer from serious casualties (eg. Passion-heavy warbands or weenie), allowing you to play a game of attrition if need be. Most people do, however, make two mistakes when playing this piece. The first mistake is holding it back for too long; although this makes its effect more effective, you may sometimes want to spawn this piece when you still have about ½ or ¼ of your warband left, just in case your entire warband gets destroyed in a single, massive field maneuver. This is sometimes a little difficult to tell, but seriously, don’t hold this until the very last minute.

The second mistake is forgetting that the Fleshworm Broodsire is actually a 5-attack creature. Most people just spawn this, run it into a cell, and sacrifice it, without it ever seeing combat. Although sending this piece into combat is risky if you are going to need its ability, one mustn’t forget that behind that ability is a relatively hard-hitting creature. It also has a big target painted on its forehead, and almost always your opponent would want to allocate 9 damage to it so that it dies. Which, in a way, is good. You could think of it as a 9-life Bodyguard.

Overall, it is a piece that has its uses in a very specific range of warbands, that require recursion to prevent from running out of gas.
Otherwise, even in a mono-Madness warband, Chrysalis Spinner is probably better.

Constructed: 2/5 for normal warbands, 3.5/5 in casualty-heavy warbands.
Limited: 4/5. Having a huge recursion ability might actually win you a game in these kind of tourneys. Plus, its still a big creature.

Art: 1/5. I have no idea what its supposed to be.
Josh "Thespian" Gatner In Dreamblade, an aspect’s worth is measured by the strength of it’s eight-drop. Looking down the long list of very competitive pieces and we see cornerstone figures like the Brighthammer Avenger, Bloodhawk Barag, and the Voodoo Manipulator. If you keep looking past them, and then behind what you might find there, you might find today’s Mini of the Day – the Fleshworm Broodsire. Maybe this is why Madness continues to stand as Dreamblade’s poor brother.

Fortunately for the Fleshworm, there isn’t much competition in Madness in the eight-slot. It competes with the Gutsoup Golem and the Freakazoid, which is to say that it just might make the cut in your warband. Now what does it have going for it? Read on to find out why you should or should not choose it.

The two strengths that this figure has going for it is it’s five power and the ability Awaken. Having a five for power is nice, but it doesn’t hold up as any kind of beater when it hangs on a frame with a four in defence and nine for life. It certainly won’t last long enough to matter except maybe once. So that leaves us with Awaken. I like this ability and it is certainly is the reason to play it. Essentially, you can sacrifice the Fleshworm Broodsire during the spawn phase (as long as you are in a scoring cell!) in order to bring all the minis in the graveyard to your reserves. Talk about a reload! It is an enticing ability that can work well with a band that has a very low spawn curve so that the investment of 8 spawn points isn’t missed so much. However, you are not just sacrificing a creature. You are sacrificing 8 spawn points worth of board presence, which usually leaves you with such a hole that you are going to likely give up a turn or two. So the question needs to be asked – can your warband rebuild quickly enough to be dominant through the stretch? Not many can say yes – and for that reason, you should probably just say NO!

I have played this piece in a Hiveling band that I was very fond of, and it did find a bit of a niche there. It had a nice combo with the Tattooed Squashbug, but it certainly didn’t elevate my band to the level of “competitive”. Besides, with Anvilborn around the corner, this piece won’t be playable with the Hivelings for long!

Constructed: 3/5 – It can work in the right band.
Limited: 2/5 – Play it if you are low on power.
Artwork: 3/5 – Interesting piece that makes me think, “What am I looking at?”

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