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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Book of Nothing

Image from Wizards.com

Book of Nothing
Base Set

Reviewed April 10, 2007

Constructed: 2.00
Sealed: 1.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

Chen Wan Lee Book of Nothing
Well, it looks like I was wrong about being solo; That Guy That Plays Dreamblade came back to keep us all company with his views =D

Anyway, today’s miniature is the great Book of Nothing (abbreviated BoN), a rare from Base Set, and incidentally, my first DB rare ever. As usual, lets look at the stats; 4MMM for a 1 1/4. Wow *sarcasm*. Alright, so the stats are just plain bad. What about its ability? Multiblade Warpstrike 3. Ok, wow *not sarcastic*.

This piece takes the word “glass cannon” to an all new level. It is insanely fragile, but it can also be insanely brutal. Anyone who has seen me use this would be able to vouch for me when I say 18+ dice on Warpstrike damage is not funny. This does become problematic; the BoN soon becomes target numero uno!

The huge problem with this piece is the fact that it is very much a “finesse” piece. You have to somehow figure out a way to keep it alive and with a bunch of high-powered pieces. This is difficult, more so if your opponents use a lot of Scare/Lure/Expel/etc. pieces. If and when you pull it off, it WILL hurt. I’ve had games where I was 1 round away from losing, only to be turned around by a massive BoN nuke.

That said, the BoN doesn’t work often. A lot of times your opponent will find ways to somehow either pull it into their Fleshless Reaper, or Warpstrike it, or otherwise render it utterly useless. Sometimes, you just can’t use it, because you don’t have the other pieces out yet (i.e. the high attack ones), or those pieces have already died. It also for the most part needs a band built around it – either mono-Madness, which is a default considering its triple aspect cost, or Madness/Passion, with Passion for the extra firepower. The BoN also goes well with a lot of negative Blade pieces like the Iron Thug, Buzzkill Clown, and even Ouroboros, all of which have respectable attack values for their cost.

Overall, the BoN falls short of being average in the hands of most players because, very simply put, you probably won’t get much mileage out of it against an experienced player if you do not know how to use the piece very, very well yourself. However, if you actually do build a proper warband around it and figure how to use it, it can easily become your warband’s MVP, if and when it works.

Constructed: 2/5. Its 2/5 because 1/5’s are reserved for things like Stag Zealot or Shimmersword Mercenary.

Sealed: 1/5. You’d probably be paying a lot for this due to a lack of good Madness pieces.

Sculpt: Part of me wants to give it a 5/5 just because he looks a little like Einstein, but otherwise its really kinda crappy. “2/5” crappy.
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