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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Axemorph Demon

Reviewed September 15, 2006

Constructed: 3.25
Sealed: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


TGIF folks, as we round off the week with our other 12 drop. While also having 6 power, Axemorph is slightly weaker in his "staying power". 8/11 is sorta on the weak side, but hey, its a Passion guy, so what do you expect. Now while the Dragon had payback, which normally could do up to 6 extra damage for a single blade, Axemorph has a double blade ability for Crit 10. Gasp! Crit 10!! yeah, but thats with 2 blades, which the odds of rolling don't favor too much, since you have a 1 out of 6 chance of rolling a single blade. Basically what I'm getting at is his ability will rarely be useful unless he attacks with a non-Loner mini. That way the odds favor it and you can wipe out alot more guys with him. I'm not a huge fan of him, but he's the big Hellbred baddy, so give him a shot. I suggest only a Passion or Hellbred warband, since 12 guys are hard to splash.

Constructed - 3.5/5 - weak stats for that big of a guy hurts, plus the fact that his ability will be really situational.

Limited - 1.5/5 - yeah Passion isn't one of the best guys to draft, but if you get alot, plus him, the odds are the opponent won't have to many guys that can challenge him.

Artwork - 4/5, again: perty sick stuff.


Axemorph Demon

Like smashing stuff?

I'll take that as a HECK YEAH!

Axemorph Demon is Passion's answer to Unspeakable Freak, Noble Dragon, and Dreadmorph Ogre. And while Big Blue has the win on staying power, and Snakeback Mountain has the best effect, and Euclid's greatest enemy is, hands down the most Dahlian of every figure currently released, Axehand Morgan here does one thing, and does it very, very well. Can you guess that what is?

Little tip: It begins with "W" and ends with "recking large buildings."

Double Blade Crit 10. My god. My effing god. That is ON TOP of the already rather large 6 power. This guy could do a maximum of 22 damage ALL ON HIS OWN. That's enough to take out a Noble Dragon AND a Brighthammer Avenger. With one shot. One massive shot that levels forests to the ground.

But, sadly, It is rather unlikely that he would roll four 3s and two blades for that kind of damage, but the fact remains, an extra 10 damage will kill or disrupt a VERY large amount of things, even if he misses or gets 1s on the other four rolls. Considering that he costs 12PP though, he WILL be teaming up with other passion creatures, and when that happens, cities BURN. Teaming him up with something like Boneblade Serpent or Heart Render means that everything that can die WILL die, or you could just add in the other major Passion beatsticks like Bladehound, Flame Harrower and Forgeblind Punisher. That's what passion is all about baby. These guys scare emo highschoolers. These guys make 350 pound inmates cry for mommy.

Except for one little thing: Passion's glass jaw.

If you can wipe out a cell and somehow keep your opponent from moving in, you can clear the way very, very quickly. Thing is, 8|11 D&L is pretty low for 12 and a double aspect cost. So far, there aren't many locations or abilities that really pump those stats up, or at least not ones that are particularly GOOD. Most Passion figures, including Axemorph Demon, need at least 2 or 3 extra points in Defense and Life before they become anything more than a one or two shot cannon, because it is a given that your opponent WILL try to avoid combat altogether until it is there turn to lay the beats down. And they have to be confident they can score for a six feet under beat down too. Valor will just juke and jive around and out, while Fear will scare and shove you out of the way. Madness, on the other hand, will try to take you out from a few cells away with Doomsinger and Book of Nothing, and with the low D&L, they probably will succeed on their sniping mission.

Granted, Valor and Passion work oh so well together. Scarab Warcharm can focus your rage and make sure you get where you need to go, as do... most of the other good Valor pieces in general. Fear doesn't work quite so well, but it can force enemy figures right into your waiting axe of a limb.

Constructed: 3/5 Need some heavy artillery? Here you go. Please avoid slaughtering innocent bystanders as you walk merrily down the street.

Limited: 3.5/5 Have a list of names in one hand, and a bag of tushies in the other. Might need a minion for that though, because of the whole hand condition.
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