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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Ego Cannibal

Reviewed September 13, 2006

Constructed: 3.65
Sealed: 4.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Ok so I've just started school last week and am going to have to take time away from my TCGs and Dreamblade for a while, but at least I can review some more base set pieces before the next set, Baxaar's War arrives. Today is Ego Cannibal, a Madness rare. Its a 5 drop. For fives, the aspect cost can sometimes be an issue, but since Madness has access to Spellboud Scissors, it probably won't be too much of a problem. Now, for 5 spawn points, you get a 2-5/10 character. 2 is somewhat average, and his low defense/high life is expected being from the Madness aspect. So now comes the reason that makes his rarity. Ready? Its called Copy Enemies, and it makes it so the Cannibal can use any blade abilities the opposing locals might have.

Facing a Warcharm or Poltergeist? Options baby! This guy can basically do what every your opponent does, maybe even better. A good way to abuse it is by teaming him up with a high power piece. Jack in the Box anyone? Might be a cool guy to mix in a Janus Warband to have access to more blade abilities. Otherwise, maybe the next set will give him more to toy with.

Constructed - 3.5/5, decent stats with a somewhat useful ability. I really think only one is needed, but whatever works.

Limited - 4.5/5, honestly, this guy is an excellent piece to drop in a limited match. Madness are good to draft, and this guy can truely make an impact by making up for lack of blade abilities in your warband.

Artwork - 2.5/5, meh, not as cool as some others but I have respect for it.



*Grins* Fun fun funny fun fun.

To date, Ego Canibal is the only piece to have the "Copy" ability. That means it doesn't have an ability of its own, but rather the blade abilitIES ( emphasis on the plural) of all the enemy critters it is fighting. Generally, that is a very good thing, because that means it could easily have three or even four abilities depending on how many of what it is going against in a cell, and even if the abilities may not be that good, just having so many gives you quite a bit of leeway in what you can do. Even better, there are not many critters with a negative blade ability, as most of those are passive. While there a few bad ones, mainly Fumble, which is only on TWO creatures, and Windborne Blademaster's Dissipate, well, everything else is fair game and I would be very surprised if they hurt.

Stats are a slight issue though. 5M for 2 power is decent enough, but not Relentless Eviscerator's 3 power. However, Ego Cannibal DOES beat that... thing on both Defense and on Life, if only by one point. If you are very aggressive, then the 3 power and regenerate will be greatly appreciated, but if you are on the more passive or strategic end of things, Cannibal is probably the way to go, if only because it is that much harder to get rid of.

Constructed: 3.5/5 Definitely worth it in a Madness band, and I would consider running two for the slot, or maybe Relentless Eviscerator along with one, since they have the exact same cost.

Limited: 3/5 Hey, could pull hella worse, and using the best of your opponent's abilities is always gonna be fun.


Rolf the Ruf

Ego Cannibal

P: 2
D/L: 5/10
Copy Enemies

Reviewed by Rolf the Ruf

Today we look at one of the most underrated minis in the game. I say underrated, but maybe I should say underutilized. Most people will agree this guy is a good mini, but I just haven't seen him showing up in too many warbands. This may be more a function of that fact that he is of the Madness persuasion while Valor and Fear dominate the tournaments at the moment. This is one funky-lookin' freakazoid. Kinda reminds me of a foot-pedal trashcan on steriods. Let's break down the numbers. A power of 2 is pretty darn meager, but this is perhaps the Cannibal's only weakpoint. A 5/10 Defense and Life is huge for a 5-spawn. Only Valor has 5-spawns with higher Defense numbers and there is no similarly-costed creature in the entire set with a higher Life total! That brings us to his ability. How about a creature that can have every blade ability in game! The sheer flexibility of this guy makes him almost impossible to overlook in any Madness warband. He can move allies against Valor; move enemies against Fear; lay down a major Crit beatdown against Passion; and Warpstrike against Madness. What's not to like?

Constructed: 4/5

Sealed: 4.5/5 (The flexibility of this piece makes it a natural in sealed.)
Artwork 3/5 (Freaky!)
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