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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Fleshless Reaper

Reviewed September 01, 2006

Constructed: 3.75
Sealed: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade

Fleshless Reaper

Behold our third Fear piece, the almighty Reaper. One of the money Fear pieces, it has one of the best effects in the base set. Before I go to explain it, however, I'll run through the stats. 7/10 for an 8 is a little understated for mini's of the same cost. Also, for an 8 drop, 0 power just plain stinks. Well just like Brighthammer Avenger, this bad boy's effect makes up for it. Ambush is an effect that does a 6 power attack to EACH ENEMY that comes into its cell. A true king of the hill. 6 power is alot, as some of the biggest characters in the game have 6 power. However, despite it being alot of power, luck still plays a vital role in this mini's sucess. It also requires other guys to help it out. Otherwise, the opponent can play around it.

Constructed - 3.5/5, its a great piece, but only on a well constructed warband with pieces that can bring opposing pieces into its cell.
Sealed - 1.5/5 , it is still a solider piece, but there are more solid pieces that can be used over this.
Artwork - 5/5, its an amazing looking piece, with the scythe that looks bad@ss

King Sephiroth

"Fleshless Reaper"

The final creature for this week, will be none other than the "Fleshless
Reaper" sought after by many-a-player due to it's infinitely kewl looking
nature. They have good reason to think he looks awesome too, as he does. But
some other players might want him for a few other reasons than for how he

We've already reviewed "Brighthammer Avenger", and for most of the
generalizations you can see that review to understand most about this piece.
He combo's well with the Fear aspects abilities of choice, he can take your
opponent by surprise, yada yada yada. So, the difference you ask? Well, it's
actually quite a significant difference that "up's" it's playability quite a
bit. Let's compare the text for the effects of both "Fleshless Reaper" and
"Brighthammer Avenger" shall we?

~Brighthammer Avenger~: Whenever this creature enters an enemy occupied
cell, it makes a 6-power attack against TARGET ENEMY in that cell.

~Fleshless Reaper~: This creature makes an 6-power attack against EACH ENEMY
CREATURE that enters its cell. If more than one enemy enters the cell at the
same time, make an attack against EACH one.

"Fleshless Reaper" makes an attack against each and every creature that it
ever comes in contact with. Brighthammer however can only choose one target
when it moves into a cell, which can severely hinder its play capabilities.
In addition, it is normally much better to be defensive in the early
workings of a game, and with Brighthammer, that is not possible. Reaper on
the other hand can provide a sort of wall for you.

Overall Constructed: 4/5
Overall Sealed: 3/5

Artwork: 5/5 (One of the greatest of the set....really kewl!)


Fleshless Reaper

Ahh yes. Last week we reviewed this guy's counterpart, Brighthammer Avenger. I said I preferred hammer-time to... uhh... scythe-time? Whatever. I do quite like him, I really do, it's just that unless you pull of a major combo and kick a lot of enemy units right into it's waiting scythe, he is purely defensive. He will probably be quite good at putting off smaller critters from trying to go after your 5 point cell, but any particularly larger creatures will probably manage to just shrug it off. With luck though, you will disrupt it, and that is a definite good thing.

But... that's about all he does. Avenger can hurtle across the dreamscape, whacking his merry way along, killing or disrupting all the way through. Avenger is a grade A-1 Striker. Reaper is a very nasty looking goalie. Both are good, but the goalie is really just not the one who makes the winning score.

Now, if you like going on the defensive, absolutely, play this guy. His ONLY competition in converted spawn cost is Night Queen. Really I suggest one of each, but ONLY if you are going Fear. Duh.

To recap:
+A 6 power special attack is nothing to shake a scythe at XD
+Shift him to your 5 point cell and not much is gonna take it
+Becomes the meat grinder to Brighthammer Avenger's wrecking ball with enough scarers and expellers (which should not be a problem)

-Guys gotta come to him before he can be any good. At least Avenger can shift and Charge at once.
-So... Many... Scythe jokes

Constructed: 3/5 Hey, not like there are many options for his spawn cost. I do think running one each of Reaper and Night Queen is your best bet.
Limited: 2/5 Use what you gotta use so long you can use it.

Rolf the Ruf

Fleshless Reaper


P: 0

D/L: 7/10

Ambush 6

Reviewed by Rolf the Ruf

In my last review, I pointed out how the Scarab Warcharm is mirrored by the Horrid Poltergeist, which we reviewed. However the Poltergeist makes a rather imperfect reflection of that uber-mini known as the Warcharm. Today we have a similar scenario in looking at another fearsome Fear monster who has an opposite number in Valor. But in this case, I think Fear may fare a bit better in the comparison. The Fleshless Reaper is to Fear as Brighthammer Avenger is to Valor, and the creatures are close to identical, with one minor and one major exception. Cost, Power and Life are all the same, but the Avenger gets an extra point of Defense, to maintain Valor’s elitist corner on the high-defense club. Okay, but the big ‘dif’ lies in their potent but opposite abilities. Basically, neither of these guys are team players. They add nothing to the normal combined strike action. However, each packs its own nasty smackdown which triggers automatically. The Brighthammer Avenger makes a 6-die attack on one target enemy whenever he enters an enemy-occupied cell. Conversely, the Fleshless Reaper gets a 6-Power attack against any enemy foolish enough to enter his cell. So what we are looking at here is an offensive capability vs. a defensive one. Personally, I find the Reaper’s defensive attack to be the more useful effect. For one thing, it has a greater potential to be triggered multiple times if your opponent is trying to converge on a key cell (which the Reaper happens to occupy). Every unfriendly that moves onto his turf has to endure his wrath, one-by-one. With this guy, you want to stake out a piece of prime real estate and play King-of-the-Hill. Better still, he’s even nastier when combined with many of Fear’s movement abilities, which can shove unsuspecting, opposing vermin into his deadly clutches. Best of all, you don’t even have to waste an action striking to make these attacks – they trigger off of enemy movement. With a respectable 10 Life, he can be expected to hang around long enough to rack up a half-decent body count. For my money, 8 Spawn points will buy you nothing deadlier. Fear’s got itself a caustic creeper and it goes by the name of the Fleshless Reaper!

Constructed: 4.0

Sealed: 3.0 (need to pick up some of those fear movement abilities to make him click)
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