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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Crypt Worm
Baxar's War

Reviewed November 15, 2006

Constructed: 4
Sealed: 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating


Crypt Worm

Dreadmorph Ogre got some competition...

Seriously, the EXACT same stats, Hellbred lineage, one less aspect cost, and an ability that is... frightening, all makes Crypt Worm THE heavy to include in a Fear band. Certainly, I'd be packing an Ogre as well, but the two certainly do play well together.

6 Power puts the Worm in the beatstick league, just like Ogre, and like I said, they tie with 10|13 D&L, so it's gonna be difficult to move Slithers here when he don't wanna be moved. Add in Haunt Gambit, and... yeah. Play him.

Haunt Gambit is the rough opposite of Haste Gambit (Angel of Sunrises ability). Instead of moving all your pieces, Haunt moves all of your opponents pieces in target cell up to two cells away. If you are wondering why you'd want to shunt up to 4 enemey pieces just one cell... well, that's what Fleshless Reaper is for. Of course, if you don't have one in the right spot, you could just push them back wherever you wanted to and claim the cell of your choice. Since this takes place in the Spawn Phase, there should not be too much to mess with your fun, and so long you picked on close to few pieces, you can take it back without too much trouble. Your opponent might be able to make it back to the cell they were just forcibly vacated from, but that's only if they avoid getting engaged on the way, and if they do make it, they won't be able to strike at you the whole turn.

This is definitely a must play for Chessmaster and Fleshless Reaper focused builds. It is splashable and still good, but a little focus will definitely make things a lot easier for this. As always though, be careful you don't give your opponent to many conquest points just for the quick advantage. STRATEGIZE HOW YOU USE HIM. Don't bother Haunting something if you can already kick it's tushy.

Constructed: 4/5 Playing Chessmaster or a Fear band? Let Dreadmorph Ogre have a playmate, god knows he deserves a friend.
Limited: 5/5 Pull it? Play it.

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade



Ok, more Gambit as we move to the bigger guys. If you missed my explination of Gambit yesterday, go read it so you know what I'm talking about. Now before Baxar's War came out and I saw these guys previewed, I though the creators were out of their minds. The effects seemed more than worth a turn. The two 11 drops seemed immediately broken. After testing them however, the 11 drops seemed like the least useful gambit pieces. When playing with both of them, I noticed if I got them out too late, it was too boad a situation on my side of the board to give up a turn. If I got it out too early (thanks to the Twin Temple engine), they had little to no effect on the game. I'll talk about it more as we talk about Crypt Worm.

Crypt Worm has identical stats to Fear's top played 11 drop: Dreadmorph Ogre. 6-10/13 is damn nice. Now instead of Multiblade Expel, you get Haunt Gambit 2. Its a Spawn Phase / Scoring Cell ability cost of 0, but you must give the opponent(s) a turn to move any and all their pieces up to 2 spaces. Gasp! Seems too good to be true? Well think bout what I said earlier. Too late means you might not be in a good scenario to give a turn away. On the other hand, too early doesn't have much of an effect on the board. Now best case scenario, both players haven't won a significant amount of turns. You have Fleshless Reaper alongside a Fear army packed with Expels and Scares galore. Now play Wormy. If you take the Gambit, you can move all their fairly weak pieces into Reaper in an attempt to gain massive advantage. That's bout it for utility.

Constructed - 3/5 - Works best in PotR bands. Otherwise, you'll just have a beatstick that you wish was an Ogre.

Limited - 1.5/5 - Too hard to get out here, sorry
Artwork - 2/5 - Crypt Worm.. more like Brain Worm. wtf?

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