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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Marian, Bound to Pain
Baxar's War Set

Reviewed November 01, 2006

Constructed: 3.5
Sealed: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Ok so here we go again, more new minis to dive into. Today is queen of the new lineage, Stitched. Not sure of the actual story line, but I think she was the first creation of Baxar. Either way, if you run a Stitched warband, you will run her. 10M -5- 6/14 is decent stats for a Madness piece of her size, and her low aspect cost makes it so you can splash her and her Madness groupies with the Fear creations of Baxar. Now she is also unique, so unfortunately, you only get one on the dreamscape at a time. Her effect: Grave Harvest. Being to bring back a Stitched ally when anyone near her dies is CRAZY. You can essentially have an immortal army that you can keep re-recruiting. For this, however, you need to position her in the action to get her best use. And unfortunately for her, her defense will often lead to her being disrupted if given the wrong initiative. I have yet to see her in action, so I can't give an honest opinion, and also, I personally don't like Madness. So Madness guys, no hating on me, cause I know they can have great late game potential.

Constructed - 3/5 - A great effect, but the amount of times you are able to pull off the ability are limited greatly

Sealed - 1.5/5 - The rating goes down a bunch because there are so few amounts of Stitched per pack that it depends on the other guys you pull. Otherwise, she's a vanilla rare. It would suck even more to pull two of her.

Artwork - 5/5 - Reminds me of Change of Heart from YGO, which might tempt me to try and get one anyway.

king atlantis

Today we have a stiched of a suprise for you....Marian, Bound to Pain.

power: 5
d/l: 6/14
unique marian
Grave Harvest

I love this minis sculpt, and the art for her on the boosters.
Shes beautiful o_0

in anycase, shes got pretty good power, and very good d/l for a madness critter. But thats NOT why you would play her.
You'd play her for Grave harvest (whenever a local or adjacent stiched ally is destroyed, put a diffrent stiched creature from your graveyard to your reserves). realy, i like this ability, asspecialy becasue of the corpse-built ability on *a few of* the stiched.
And she shouldnt be going anywhere after you get her out- her stats are quite good.

limited: 3.4/5 (if you dont get more stiched, at least shes a beater :-/ )
constructed: in a stiched band, 5/5. any thing else, 2.4
sculpt: 5/5 (i like her 0_o)

Rolf the Ruf

Marian, Bound to Pain

Power: 5
Defense: 6
Life: 14
Grave Harvest

Today we look at Marian, the schizophrenic dangel. This is a pretty cool mini. Granted Baxar is flat-out better. But you may want to run both of them together and Marian has a few things going for her. Here stats are quality in the Madness style, with a Life score that make her about as unkillable as anything out there. Grave Harvest allows you to move a Stitched creature from your graveyard to your reserves whenever another stitched ally is destroyed. All by itself, this ability makes the Stitched one of the first truly viable lineages. The ability to cycle your stitched creatures back into action means that you can play more aggressively with Madness -- which has not been a Madness strongsuit in the past. In addition, it makes the Corpsebuilt hindrance found on some Stitched creatures much more palatable. One of the really nice things about the Grave Harvest ability is that there is no activation requirement. It automatically kicks in whenever a Stitched creature (other than her) is destroyed. Playing a Stitched warband entails running Fear and Madness, which is something many players have been hoping to pull off competitively. Whether a Stitched warband can truly be competitive in tournaments remains to be seen, but I see some nice possibilities here. The sculpt is cool, although I was a little disappointed in the detail -- the box art version of her is way hotter.

Constructed: 4/5

Sealed: 2/5 (You have to get pretty lucky to put together an effective Stitched band in the Limited environment.)

Artwork 3.75/5 (Could have been higher, but her face on the sculpt looks a bit mannish.)
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