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Image from Wizards.com

Baxar's War

Reviewed December 04, 2006

Constructed: 3.66
Sealed: 2.66

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Ok so this week starts the 10k superstars week. These pieces we are gonna be reviewing were part of warbands making top 8 at the SoCal 10k and possibly the Seattle 10K (haven't seen that one yet). Odds are this one will, as this piece has completely changed the format and replaced Chessmaster for the most part. Kitsune is an uncommon 7 drop with very nice stats. 4 - 7/9 is very good IMO. Now the effect seems broken for my taste, and may rsult in an errata if it becomes mainstream even after some sets go by. Attract can bring any Bloodcut guy 1 cell closer to her. It doesn't say which direction it must take, as long as its closer to her. And it can be from anywhere in the dreamscape as well! Many players noticed this as a way to abuse a really expensive piece that isn't Warcharm. That's right...Brighthammer Avenger. He's Bloodcut. That, along with Twilight Scout and Clawclan Scout allow Bloodcut to be a very competitive warband. That, along with some non Bloodcut pieces like Pearlthorn Castle and Lunar Handmaiden can allow for an insane amount of movement before shift phases can even begin. This much emphasis brings a whole new aspect to the game (and makes rolling 1s really annoying). Go to the Dreamblade main site and take a look at the 10k finals coverage. You'll be surprised. I know I still am even after playing against it multiple times. Behold the best uncommon in this set!

Constructed - 5/5 - It was the focus point of Kitsune Rage and Kitsune Beats warbands. Might as well get a 5 out of 5.

Sealed - 2.5/5 - Depends on the pulls. Clawclan, Vanguard, and Satyr are all solid, especially with her.

Artwork - 1/5 - For a foxy lady, she's pretty ugly.



Welcome, fellow dream lords, to the week devoted to the stars of the Anaheim Gen Con 10K event. We're (ideally) reviewing one figure a day, so check in every morning/early afternoon for them this week, mmkay?

We start off this week with the chick that is probably the biggest starlet of the tournament, Kitsune, the alluring Japanese fox demon.

Before Baxar's War, Passion in general and Bloodcut in specific was not well liked. Everything was too sensitive, even though it could smash face like nothing else. It lacked movement abilities, which is something that Fear and Valor had in spades, but now, Kitsune changes things cosiderably, especially when her boyfriend, Brighthammer Avenger, gets to swinging. Add in the fact that she's a pretty solid figure in her own right as far as stats and cost are concerned. 7V netting you 4 7|9 is entirely good, especially for a Valor fig, and hey, she's even splashable... which for a Bloodcut band, one would hope for.

Now why is a free attract Bloodcut every spawn phase good? Well, if it's only one, it really isn't, but when you've got two or three going, as well as a Brighthammer going, stuff is gonna be flung far and wide before the real action even starts. A lot of the top players took to playing Kitsune Rage and Kitsune Beats. With the other movement pieces, such as Pearlthorn Castle, Twilight Scout, and Scarab Warcharm also doing some moving, that Avenger will be hitting very nearly everywhere, and a lot before true shifting and striking can even actually occur. That is what is known as EVIL.

Of course, there are a few problems with the Kitsune based band. So much movement, not quite that much in the way of real power. There are only so many times your Brighthammer buddy can swing in a given turn, and once you're done there and it's your opponent's turn to strike... you generally don't have the Defense or Life to withstand the more popular beaters. Heck, a Reaper band is probably this thing's worst enemy on multiple levels, because there isn't much in the build that can usually take a 6 power attack, and it just... works out that way.

Of course, the addition of a Virtuous Maiden and some more general beatsticks (Tlamixec Battlelord, anyone?) like Ragedrake or whatever would certainly help the power side of things.

Constructed: 4/5 I fully understand why Kitsune _______ works so well, but it still isn't a figure you can just throw in to any old warband. It is, however, a must for Bloodcut bands and if you know what your doing, is an excellant centerpiece.
Limited: 3/5 Even if you don't pull many other Bloodcuts, she's still an entirely good figure on her stats alone.

king atlantis

spawn phase: attract bloodcut
power: 4
defence: 7
life: 9

lets break her down.....shes 7V, has 4 power (average for valor), 7 defence (pretty nice), and 9 life (not bad). But you wouldnt use her as just a vinella in a 10K would you? of course not. thats where her zero-costing spawn phase ability kicks in. Attract bloodcut is like, a moveing perlethorn castle in bloodcut bands, and works well their.
And thats why it fits so well in bright-hammer beats- multiple charge sixes in the spawn phase= owww...

constructed: 2/5, but in bloodcut bands, 5/5....
limited: 2or3/5- if you dont get any bllodcut, then, well....
sculpt: 1/5- it just plain sucks. it looks like a doxin on a clown's body

hey1 liked my reviews? have some questions? e-mail me at king_atlantis@earthlink.net ,or find me on pojo's boards as king atlantis!
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