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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Dreadmorph Ogre

Reviewed August 28, 2006

Constructed: 4.35
Sealed: 3.65

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade

Dreadmorph Ogre

Today we move on to Fear Week, which by most people is the second best aspect as of the first set. For his 11 cost, he is the biggest character Fear has at its disposal. Its only rival would be Eater of Hope, who has better stats, but also has Appease (tributing a piece to play it). 6 Power is average for most of the heavy hitters. Noble Dragon and Axemorph Demon have the same power. As far as 10/13, its fairly average for its cost as well. Average, average, so what makes this character worth running? Lets see the effect. Oh Boy! Multi-Blade Expel!! Fear is the master of moving opposing pieces. Expel allows the user to move an opposing piece to any adjacent square as long as that piece was engaged. This can move it out of a scoring cell on off initiative to win it, or it can move it into a cell with another one of your characters (especially Friday's piece), so you can battle it with your other big guys. Basically the complete opposite of Skirmish. Being able to use this sweet ability multiple times is a big plus. Try it out with any Fear warband, you'll see the results.

Constructed - 4/5 , big characters usually have a big impact on the game unless they come out too late in the game. this one is no exception
Limited - 3/5 , big chracters are less playable in this format because of not always having pieces that help easy spawn point gain. still a great piece.
Artwork - 5/5, just amazing....

King Sephiroth

"Dreadmorph Ogre"

We might as well call this week "Cookie Cutter Week", as these next few pieces that we'll be reviewing are seen in the infamous "Chessmaster"
warband that appeared as a winner in the GenCon 1K event.

Initially, this creature seems like a great beatstick that could be a good addition to any Fear warband. Compared to his so-called "counterpart, "Noble Dragon", he is quite good. For one less cost he has the same power and same ratio of defense-life. Already he seems better than the noble one....but where his success lies, is in his ability to freely move his opponents pieces around the board.

Paired with Valor, Expel can be a deadly ability. Being able to set up your opponent's monsters for a quick Skirmish into their newly occupied cell can be devastating to your opponent's strategy. Because of the Ogre's massive power, he can easily get the multi-blade ability off plenty of times, especially when coupled with creatures like "Hawk-Eyed Instigator" or "Thunder Sultan".

Overall, this guy is one of the most solid creatures in the game, especially since good expensive creatures are few and far between. This guy is a MUST in any competitive Fear warband.

Overall Constructed: 4.5/5
Overall Sealed: 4.5/5

Artwork: 2/5 (As much as I'm up for ugly-looking creatures, there's not much detail in this guy....)


Dreadmorph Ogre

Hmmm... yeah. This guy is dreadful in name only. Well... sort of. Bah, you know what I mean.

Let's see... 6 Power? Ties with Noble Dragon, which is effectively this guy's rival. This guy has the advantage in Life, but loses out with one point less Defense than Big Blue. Also, while Noble Dragon costs one more base spawn point, his aspect cost is one less, so hypothetically speaking, Mr. Ogre is a smidgeon harder to spawn if you aren't going hardcore Fear. Thing is, that only really gives the Dragon an advantage in Sealed or Limited, since, frankly, hardcore Fear is roughly tied with hardcore Valore, both of which are only a teensy weensie bit behind Chessmaster (using BOTH Fear and Valor's movement abilities to dominate the board instead of beating down, like Passion probably would).

The thing about Dreadmorph Ogre isn't his stats (good as they may be), but rather, his ability. MULTIBLADE EXPEL PWNZ JUR 50U1 N00B! For those of you just beginning, Expel is the opposite of Skirmish, where instead of moving an engaged ally, you shunt an engaged enemy. Unless your opponent is engaging Ogre with at least three units and you DON'T have a bit more in the way of support, you can pretty much clear your opponent away. Done as the second turn player or combo'ed with Scare, and that cell is yours. Certainly, there are several other Expellers, and Scarers, but none of them have it as a multiblade OR have quite the stats of Senor Snakeback. Until and unless WotC brings out an even MORE kick rear heavy, this guy is your top spot. The only reason I can think why he wouldn't be is that you REALLY like Ekkyon Wayfarer or Eater of Hope, but in my humble opinion, neither is really near this guy.

To recap:
+Nice Life
+Decent Power (would have killed for it have 7 though)

-Uhh... hmm... well... I guess that... his sculpt COULD be just a bit better... maybe... T_T

Constructed: 4.5/5 You play Fear, you have this guy, you play this guy. No arguments.
Limited: 3/5 Little harder because of the double aspect cost, but really, I would be surprised if you REALLY could not get him out at all.
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