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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Brighthammer Avenger

Reviewed August 25, 2006

Constructed: 3.8
Sealed: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

That Guy That Plays DreamBlade


Ok, so two Madness pieces have been reviewed, so lets get into the second piece of our next aspect, Valor. Valor, as many players experienced with the game know, is a very strong aspect. It trades off strength for mobility in the dreamscape. Some of its exclusive abilities, such as Advance, Skirmish, Reinforce, and Bodyguard can allow Valor minis to hold their ground while moving about to contest scoring cells. Many of the Valor pieces combo with these effects. Our piece for today is one of the better ones. Off the back, the Avenger is a 8V - 0 - 8/10. Looking at this you might think, ok seems decent , until you see the 0 power. Then you may be like OMGWTF?!?!, why is this guy a rare??. Thats where the fine print aka his effect seems like his last source of redemption. Behold Charge, an effect exclusive to Mr. Brighthammer that activates whenever he moves into a cell with enemies in it. It chooses a target and makes an attack against it. In this case, a 6 power one, which can be pretty good, as the average damage out of a 6 power roll will be 6. 6 damage in this game can disrupt most 4-7 drop characters in this game, which is very useful for making room to win scoring cells.

How can this piece be utilized? As I mentioned before, Valor effects can sometimes combo with Brighthammer Avenger. In this case, Advance and Skirmish can make this guy lethal. If you start your game by recruiting pieces with Advance, you will be able to set up so by the time you recruit Brighthammer in the early-mid game, the Advances will get him towards your other guys and help out to kill your opponent's stronger pieces. Of course, this is very roll dependent. His effect also works during shift phases, which makes him even more powerful as it allows you to essentially strike and shift at the same time. Is he a good inclusion. Is it more useful than the other 8 drop, Whirlwind Dervish? Depends on the warband. Its only been 1 set and less than a month into the game, so with no tourneys occuring, its hard to see what effective off paper and text.

Sealed - 3.5/5 , powerful, but only effective if utilized by blade effects, which are roll dependant.

Limited - 1.5/5, it is highly dependent on the Valor pieces you get, and since only 4 pieces in the set have Advance (one being the rare Warcharm), it'd be better to choose another high cost character.

Artwork - 2.5/5 , the goofy winged ears balance off the sweet beast warrior stance.

Another thing to consider is its lineage with Bloodcut, grouping Passion and Valor pieces. Unfortunately, I don't feel this is a strong option as it focuses more on doing alot of damage, especially with the Crit blade ability, than controlling the board. Then again, I could easily get a loss handed to me by a good Bloodcut warband

King Sephiroth

"Brighthammer Avenger"

This piece (along with "Fleshless Reaper") can be used in some of the most
complex combo's that this game has to offer. In any warband, when you
carefully plan out what your actions will be with this guy, it's often very
hard to stop him since he'll always be on the move.

8V isn't much for an 8|10 beater....but normally for the sake of balance, he
has to have a low attack right? Try 0....but wait! What's his effect you
ask? Well let's just say that it basically makes his power 6 instead of 0.

With the various movement abilities that Valor can use to its advantage,
getting this guys effect off is normally a cinch, and normally happens
numerous times in one turn before your opponent even knows what happened. If
your opponent ever gets this guy with say....2 "Knight of Tomorrow"'s and a
Warcharm all together, it's pretty much game over. He can simply move all of
his pieces into every occupied cell that you currently own, and smash your
face in with the Avenger's wonderful Charge 6 ability.

And if Valor didn't already have enough combo support. =\

Overall Constructed: 4/5
Overall Sealed: 3/5

Artwork: 3/5


Brighthammer Avenger

Hooah! I like this dude. He is the exact opposite of Fear's Fleshless Reaper, and in my honest oppinion, is a bit better. Reaper can only be defensive, while Avenger is all offense.

Technically, he has 0 power. Usually, I don't like that on ANY costed creature, but that is because Brighthammer isn't so much a warrior as he is a wrecking ball. Get him moving, and he will, quite simply plow over lesser creatures with a 6 power special attack every time he moves into their cell.
That may not kill too many big creatures, but Cannibal Pariah and Spellbound Scissors, and a couple other figs will definitely be flattened, or at least hurtled to the far corners of the dreamscape. And to top it off, he is Bloodcut, which is not a bad lineage at all. Tlamixec Battlord actually gives him 1 power :P And of course, Twilight Scout will push him pretty well.

Truth be told, this guy is ONLY good in Valor though, because that is the only band that (so far) can taxi (to borrow a heroclix term). One or two of these guys, Twighlight Scout, Scarab Warcharm, Knight of Tomorrow, Pearlthorn Castle, Lunar Handmaiden, Hawk-Eyed Instigator, and Knight of Strife and Joy could, with a bit of planning and luck, literally get this guy to hit every key cell, and maybe a few TWICE. Combos do not get much better than that.

To top it off, his defense and his life are not too shabby. Only problem I really have with him is his sculpt: Sure, he's big and obviously powerful, but I can't help but kinda yawn at him. That might just be me though

To Recap:

+Excellant combos with Advance and Skirmish, and whatever other support
movement abilities might come around or gain prominence
+Quite acceptable Defense and Life
+Plays quite well with other Bloodcut figures

-Useless in a strike phase, even with Battlelord giving him a WHOPPING 1 power -Sculpt is a bit uninspired

Constructed: 4/5 Expect to see him in chessmaster builds and Valor bands for a while yet.
Sealed: 3/5 Still good, but the lack of guaranteeable movement shifting does make things a bit problematic.
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