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Pojo's Dreamblade Mini of the Day

Image from Wizards.com

Screambent Lunatic
Base Set

Reviewed August 17, 2006


Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating


First of all, welcome to the first Mini of the Day of Dreamblade here at Pojo.com. I hope to be doing reviews as often as possible. My name’s Drizer, and today we’ll be reviewing…

Name: Screambent Lunatic
Spawn Cost: 9
Aspect Cost: 3
Type: Madness
Set Number: 45/96
Set: Base Set
Rarity: Rare
Power: 4
Defense: 7
Life: 12


The usual total of the dice rolled is 8. The creature screams in just 1 over the average roll. While I believe that the aspect cost usually only applies to early game, it still has an aspect cost of 3, which is quite a hefty extra cost to pay. Assuming that none of the creatures died last turn, your going to need at least a combined total of 9 to be able to summon.


This creature rolls a total of 4 dice while attacking, an alright cost to power ratio (yeah, even DBM has cost to power ratios, go figure) I myself would expect a solid 5 dice roll for at least a 9 cost creature, so it’s a little under the average of dice to power ratio.

The defense of the creature is very nice, your opponent has to do at least 7 damage to even disrupt this thing. I like to call creatures with a high disrupt cost a “tank” because it will take at least 2 minis to kill it (unless your dealing with something big such as Noble Dragon)


This will take 12 to kill, an ideal creature to throw in that nice big 5 point scoring cell. Use someone with an advance ability and get him in the 5 pointer. Even if he does die, you get to roll 4 dice for a deathblow, which should be enough to take out one of the opponents creatures also.

Other Abilities:


(1) Wail- Roll 2 initiative dice and add their totals together. Banish (send to reserves) each creature with exactly that spawn cost.

I love the blade ability of this guy, even though it may be risky. If you feel lucky, (or don’t have any other creatures to attack with) and you can make a attack, try this out, it could come up in a big way.


This mini could be thrown in for 1 slot, it’s a nice addition to a madness warband.

Constructed: 3.5/5
Sealed: 2/5 (High costs…)

‘Till next time,


That Guy That Plays DreamBlade

Ok so for those that don't know me, I'm new to all things minatures. The local store in which I play YuGiOh at got demos for this game a couple weeks before its released. My favorite aspect is Passion despite it being inferior to some other aspects. Oh well, lets see what we have here.

Today, I get to help review Screambent Lunatic. Off the back, he's a Madness piece with a spawning cost of 9 (the aspect cost won't matter too much for him) very few warbands will pack more than two 9+ characters. I just so happen to have him in my testing warband with a Doomsinger as well. He has a power of 4, which I think is a little understated for him, but Madness pieces in general tend to have characters with lower than average power. With 7 defense and 12 life, he blends in with the other Madness minis. Not too special alone, but lets check out his effect.

His effect, Wail, is a very unique one as it is the only one in the base set that rolls initiative dice to determine its effect. You roll two of them, and all the creatures with a spawn cost equal to the sum of the dices' rolls go back to your reserves (get banished). This effect gets risky as it effects both players. Its impossible to predict the outcome, so the best time to play this is late game when the opponent has more figures in the dreamscape. That way, its more likely that you're opponent will have banished pieces. However, if you bring it out at a different time, make sure that when you attack, you're attacking with another piece that has a better blade ability. Overall a decent piece, but a rare....meh, don't think its that good.

Constructed - 3/5 , it has its uses, but stick to Doomsinger for Madness
Sealed - 2/5, you usually only want to play him if your Madness pool is good
Artwork - 4.5/5 , looks like something out of Silent Hill
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