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1. Yunzabito Heights- Tis is te pot were Kamisama made is emergency landing on Earth. This is also where he lived before becoming Kami. The area is cold and could be considered somewhat of a barren wasteland.

2. Yahoi- Not Sure At This Time

3. Cell lands in Time Machine- This is the spot in whic Cell arrives in Trunks time machine. From here he lives in the ground dormant until developing into his imperfect form.

4. Buu's House- As the name implies, this is were Buu lives and it is made out of people that e ad turned into clay


1. Gokuh vs. Majin Vegeta- This is the area that Gokuh and Majin Vegeta fight at during the Buu saga.

2.Gokuh's space pod landing- This is te space pod that Goku is sent to Earth in. Gokuh's mission was to take over Earth, but that never happened. Later on in DBZ, Piccolo destroys the space pod after a projection of te moon coming from the pod turns Gohan into Oozaru form.

3. Cell Games Platform- Tis is the platform tat Cell builds for the Cell Games. Tis is also the spot that Gohan kills Cell.

4. Furiza's arrival place- This is the spot on Earth in whic Furiza and King Kold land. This is also where Trunks kills King Kold, Furiza, and Kold's men.

5. Ginger Town- Cell goes to this town to absorb energy from people, probably killing everyone in the town.

6. Center Capital- Tis is the capital of the world. The King of the World's Palace is here.


1. Dr. Gero's Lab- This is were Dr. Gero created the androids. The above ground section is destroyed by Vegeta. Later on Trunks and Kuririn find the underground lab and in it cell is still being developed. They destroy the lab and also get te android building plans.

2. #17 and #18's first encounter with the Z senshi- The Z warriors are easily defeated by the androids. In the fight, Vegeta's arm is broken by #18 and Trunks even breaks his sword on the androids. After the fight Kuririn gives everyone senzu beans. Vegeta flies off in a rage. Piccolo goes to join with Kami. Kuririn and Trunks go to move Gokuh to the Kame House and Tenshinhan goes to get Chouzo.

3. North Capital- As the name implies, this is the northern capital of the world.

4. Clothing Store- #18 stops off here to purchase some new clothes.

5. Piccolo meets Radditz- When Radditz first arrives he looks to find Gokuh and he detects Piccolo's ki. Radditz flies at Piccolo thinking it is Gokuh. Pi


1. Jungle Town- Gokuh is flying a plane wen it crases in a snowy town called Jingle Town. A girl named Suno finds Gokuh and takes him to her house. Gokuh then saves the house by defeating a couple of Red Ribbon members. Goku then leaves the town.

2. Muscle Tower- Goku enters muscle tower in search of the headmaster of Jingle Town. On the first two floors Gokuh easily defeats Red Ribbon members. On the third floor Gokuh defeats Seargent Metallic. On the fourth floor Gokuh defeats the ninja Murasaki. On the fifth floor Gokuh rescues Hatchan and Hatchan becomes his friend. Then Gokuh goes up to floor six to fight General White. Gokuh defeats White and returns the Headmaster back to Jingle Town.

3. Radditz's Landing Spot- As the name would imply, this is the spot where Radditz's space ship lands. After he lands, Radditz encounters a farmer and kills him.

4. General Silver's offices- This is where Gokuh first fights the Red Ribbon Army. Goku easily defeats the Red Ribbon soldiers and Silver Taisa.

5. East Capital- This is the Eastern Capital of the Earth. This is where Vegeta and Nappa land on Earth. Shortly after, Nappa destroys the city.


1. Karin Tower- This is where Karin the cat lives. karin tower is directly under Kami's Lookout. At the base of the tower is the camp of Bora and Upa. Gokuh and Kamesennin both trained under Karin. Karin is the holder of the Super God Water and the grower of the Senzu Beans.

2. Buu's Fighting Ground- Both Gotenks and Gohan are absorbed in a fight against Buu at this spot

3. Taopaipai gets new clothes- After his first fight with Goku, Tao Pai Pai has to buy new clothes. Taopaipai gets his clothes mad, but when the store clerk does not know who he is and demands that he pay, Taopaipai kills him.

4. Red Ribbon Headquarters- This is the main Headquarters for the Red Ribbon Army. The leader of the Red Ribbon Army was Commander Red whose goal was to use the Dragonball's to become tall.

5. Giran's Village- This is the village of Girnan and is people. Giran meets Goku while fighting im in the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai.


1. Parsley Town- Tis is the spot at which Trunks defeats #18 and #17 in his own time.

2. Western Capital- This is the Western Capital of the World.

3. Vegeta vs. Gokuh- This is the spot at which Gokuh and Vegeta do battle during the Saiya-Jin saga. Vegeta is defeated after Gokuh gets help from Yajirobie, Kuririn, and Gohan. Vegeta is allowed to leave the planet alive, however.

4. Piccolo trains Gohan- This is te spot where Goan is trained by Piccolo after the fight with Radditz. First Piccolo makes Gohan survive on his own and only after this does the Martial Arts training begin.


1. Kamesennin vs. Piccolo Daimo- This is the spot where Piccolo Daimo and Kamesennin do battle. Piccolo is looking to collect all of the Dragonball's. Kamesennin is going to use the Mafuba attack in an effort to get rid of Piccolo, but the attack misses and Kamesennin is killed.

2. Pilaf's Palace- This is the palace of Pilaf. It is filled wit torture devices, and dungeons and traps. The palace is destroyed when Gokuh goes Oozaru.

3. Yamucha's Desert Home- This is the house in which Yamucha and Puar live. The ouse is in the desert. Yamucha and Puar rob people as they pass the desert of their Capsules.

4. Rabbit Town- This is the village in which Boss Rabbit and his gang live. If Boss Rabbit touches you, you are turned into a carrot. Goku comes along and defeats Boss Rabbit and his gang.


1. Satan City- This is the city that was named after Mr. Satan. Orange Star High School can be found in this city and this is where Gohan and Videl attend school. Satan City is watched over by the Great Saiyaman 1 and Great Saiyaman 2.

2. Grandpa Gohan's Hut- This is where Gohan and Gokuh lived. It is a small hut. After Gohan was killed, Gokuh continued living here. Gokuh lives here until he meets Bulma and goes off in search of the Dragonballs.

3. Oolong's Village- This is the town that Oolong used his shapeshifting skills to terrorize. Goku stops Oolong's reign of terror and Oolong goes of to travel with Gokuh and Bulma.

4. Gokuh's House- Gokuh's House is away from the city. The whole Son family lives in this house during Dragonball Z.

5. Pirate Dock- In an attempt to get the Dragonballs, Gokuh, Bulma, and Kuririn travel here. The Pirate Dock can be entered through a small hole in the underwater mountain. Inside of the cave there are a ton of traps. The whole time Gokuh and gang are chased through the cave by the Red Ribbon.


1. Babidei's Spaceship Location- This is the location of Babidei's spaceship. Darbura is killed at this spot. Vegeta, Gokuh, and Gohan end up releasing Buu at this location.

2. Namu's Village- This is the village of Namu. We met Namu during the 21st Tenkaichi Budoukai and he hopes to win because his village is under a major drought at the time.

3. Uranaibaba's Fighting Grounds- This is the spot where you can fight Baba's 5 minions and if you are able to defeat them then she will tell you anything you want to know. The five minions are Gohan, Dracula man, Akuman, Mirakun, and Invisible Man.

4. Pilaf's Battle Ground- Gokuh defeats Pilaf at this spot and recovers a Dragonball.


1. Gokuh's New Clothes- After fighting with Pilaf Gokuh stops here to buy new clothes.

2. South Capital- This is the Southern Capital of the Earth.

3. #19 vs. Vegeta- #19 and Gokuh fight at this location. Vegeta then takes over and destroys No. 19 with a Big Bang Attack.

4. No.19 and No.20 First Exposure- This is the first spot in which No.19 and 20 make their presence known. THis is the island where all the Z fighters gathered after their 3 years of training.

5. Yajirobie vs. Shinbaru and Tanbarin- This is the spot at which Gokuh first meets Yajirobie. At this same spot, Gokuh and Yajirobie team up to kill Shinbaru and Tanbarin. This is also the same location where Gokuh first meets Piccolo Daimo.


1. Mount Frying Pan- A mountain that is surrounded by flames. At the top of the mountain is the house of Ox-King and Chi Chi. In the house is a Dragonball. With a Kame Hame Ha, Kamesennin is able to put out the flames, but in the process he destroys the house.

2. Papaiya Island- On Papaiya Island is located the Tenkaichi Budoukai Battle Stage where the Tenkaichi Budoukai is held every year.

3. Cell Becomes Perfect- This is the spot where Vegeta is fighting Cell and Vegeta is doing good. Vegeta then allows Cell to absorb No.18 and thus Cell becomes perfect.


1. Kame House- This is te island where the Kame House is. This is the house of Kamesennin. During Dragonball- Ranchi, Kamesennin, and Umigame live here. In DBZ Puar and Oolong are often located at the Kame House.

2. Blue Shogun's Camp- This is where the camp of the Blue Shogun is located.

3. #17 Battleground- On this island one of the best DBZ battles ever takes place. Piccolo and No.17 do battle here and in the end tey stop fighting each other in order to fight Cell. Cell absorbes No.17, though, making him 50% perfect.

4. The Training Island- This is te island where Gokuh and Kuririn are taken by Kamesennin in order to train. The training here lasts almost a year and the island is very unique in the fact that it has many different weather conditions located on various locations of the island.

5. Penguin Village- Penguin Village is focused on during Gokuh's fight with Blue Shogun. In Penguin Village is the hometown of Arale and Senbe of Dr. Slump. Arale defeats Blue Shogun here and Gokuh has a new Dragon Radar built by Turbo.



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