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The story of the third Dragon Ball movie, "Mystical Adventure," tells of the end of Goku and Kuririn's training under Roshi and how they travel to the Mifan Empire to compete in a tournament held by Emperor Chaozu. Chaozu is troubled however as his betrothed, Ran Ran has been kidnapped. To find Ran Ran, the Crane Master suggests using the dragon balls to summon Shenron and ask for him to return her. Using a dragon radar provided by Emperor Pilaf, the Crane Master and Tao Pai Pai send out the emperial army of Chaozu's to retrieve all 7. Searching for the dragon balls as well, Buruma, Yamucha, Oolong, and Paur are met by the armies and attacked. Angry that they were shot at, Bulma finds the location of the other balls and travels to the Mifan Empire to get her wish. Unfortunately for Chaozu however, the Crane Master is secretly planning to use the dragon balls to wish for control of the world. Will Goku and the others be able to stop the Crane Master's evil plans?

Yeah, the description is a little cheesy, but the review is what counts. To begin, like all reviews, I will discuss the packaging. A screenshot was not used as the cover! Happy Day! Rather, a daizenshuu image was used. (At least I think that is a daizenshuu image). Whatever the case, I am glad a screenshot wasn't present. No extras included in the packaging again, which is getting really tiresome. Would a picture or feedback slip be so much to ask for? The back cover is again the basic descriptions and screen caps, which is good for the back. The explosion image on the cover dictating that this specific DVD has dual versions again appears with the same text. The title text is different though and makes the words fit the title. Now this may be something that I am the only one who must deal with, but every DVD I've purchased thus far, including regular movies and various other animes, I have had trouble removing the DVD itself from the case. However, this one popped right out. For me this was a big thing.

The opening of the DVD has Japanese music playing with a picture of the Crane Master staring at the Dragon Radar of his. Very nice when compared to the Ginyu and Bardock DVDs. However, the Trunks DVDs openings are still the best yet. Each page has a different background image but still has the Japanese music going. This is a step up from every other DVD released thus far. Though the other DVDs have not been difficult to navigate, this DVD just seemed better organized and easier to maneuver through.

Lets move onto the English version. I am dumbfounded by the quality. How can FUNimation who has given us such filth before in the dubs have made something so great as this dub? The original musical score has been left in! No joke, the original music is still there! I couldn't believe my ears. Even more, the script is left almost mirrored from the Japanese dialogue. There are of course changes for the English language to fit the mouth movements, and some parts have a different dialogue all together, but the changes are few and not too bad. The voices are also pretty good, especially Child Kuririn. The voice is just really good for the character. Goku's however, is the same VA as Dende's. Ceyli Delgadillo (Dende) just doesn't seem to pull off the true innocence and nativity of Goku as a child. She is a great actress, but she is no Masako Nozawa. Even the opening and closing themes are left untouched, but not subtitled. This left me baffled as to why they would include the subtitles for the songs in the Japanese versions but leave them out of the dub. This isn't a big deal, but kind of weird. With FUNimation leaving in the original musical score and writing the dialogue in an almost perfect way, I am seeing great things for the Dragon Ball series when it is dubbed.

The Japanese version holds just as perfect as always. Translations are correct in every sentence and the subtitles are again white with a black border making the words easy to read. The opening and closing songs are subtitled magnificently as they have been in the Bardock and Trunks Story DVDs. There isn't much more to say for this section of the disc.

The extras aren't different from other DVDs. Commercials of the Cell Saga, Sleeping Princess in Devil's Castle, the DBZ TV Specials, and one for the DBZ Store. Entertaining the first time you see them, but not something you will choose from the menu again.

The picture quality of this movie is amazing considering the fact that this movie was made in 1988. Some people may have a better eye than me for catching problems with the picture, but I didn't see any.

Whether you're a new fan of DBZ, or someone who was around before FUNimation even knew what a Goku was, this DVD is a must have. Don't think that the original series was intended just for children and over look this masterpiece, "Mystical Adventure" is well worth the money.

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