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Now the first thing I would like to say about this section is that it is not ment to inform you of every con that is going on. If you are looking for that then I will tell you to follow this link, Anipike Conventions List. On this page you will find cons that either I am going to or I know people who are going there and that will do reviews for me. If more arise, then they will be added. There are a few others, but they do not have their web sites up yet, so I have decided to leave those con's off until their sites are up. So go ahead and enjoy.

Convention Date Location Review
OhayoCon2001 1/26-28/01 Clevland,Ohio Review viaMutenRoshi
Anime Express 2001 3/23-25/01 Daytona Beach, Flordia Has not taken place yet
The DBZ OtaKon 6/30/01 through 7/1/01 Asbury Park, New Jersey Has not taken place yet
Anime Central 2001 5/11-13/01 Arlington Heights, Illinois Has not taken place yet
Anime Weekend Atlanta 7 9/21-23/01 Atlanta, Georgia Has not taken place yet
Fanime 2001 3/30 through 4-1 Santa Clara, California Has not taken place yet
Project A-Kon XII 6/1-3/01 Dallas, Texas Has not taken place yet
JAFAX 6 6/23-24/01 Allendale, Michigan Has not taken place yet

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