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U.S. Dragon Ball Z - Episode Summaries

Episode 26 - The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals #26
It starts off with the match for the finals beginning and Goku was ready this time.  The announcer asks Goku what his strategy is he replies "Well I guess to do my best." The announcer asks Jackie Chun {Master Roshi} what his strategy is.  He gives no reply so the announcer figures he is sleeping and makes a remark about this.  Well when he gives the signal for the match to begin, Jackie Chun opened his and they went off!  Goku starts off by jumping and Jackie Chun kicks him out of the ring.  All hope of Goku winning is lost, until Oolong sees Goku using his tail to fly back into the ring.  Jackie Chun says Goku is only still in because his tail grew back.  Goku disagrees and said he could of used a Kamehameha Wave like he did. Jackie Chun says Goku can't and to keep his identity secret, he starts it differently than Master Roshi. Goku does it too and they both fire at the same time. The announcer remarks this and so does Jackie Chun.  
   Who will get the upper hand in this match, find out next time on Dragonball!


This starts with Jackie Chun fighting Goku. Goku starts to tease Chun, and
Chun tells Goku not to be disrespectful to his teacher. He quickly covers up
for it. Yamcha says that since he knows Jackie Chun isn't Master Roshi, he's
confident Goku can beat him. Krillin doesn't think so . He explains that
Jackie Chun beat the two of them with no effort. Goku asks if Chun is Roshi's
brother, but Chun lies and tells Goku he's Roshi's cousin. Chun then says
that Goku can't handle the Kamehameha. Goku says he can and they both duel
Kamehamehas. The entire ring explodes, but it really doesn't. Then Chun uses
a Double Afterimage and Goku punches the image. Chun gets behing him and
kicks him into the wall. Goku gets up and tries a Triple Afterimage. Since
Chun only did a Double, he doesn't see Goku come down from above and smash
him. Chun then walks around the ring like he's drunk. He hirs goku and Yamcha
warns Goku that Chun is using the Mad Cow attack. Goku tries to block, but it
doesn't work. Chun finally stops, but then Goku starts acting mad. He starts
crawling around and swinging. He blocks Chun's punches and trips him with his
tail. On the ground, Goku starts to punch and kick him. Goku tells him he's
using the Crazy Monkey Attack. Chun gets up and Waves his hands around,
gathering up energy for an attack. What is this attack? Will it win the World

-Michael Bloom


Episode 26 - The Great Finals

This episode starts Goku and Jackie Chung(Master Roshi) in the ring fighting. Goku and Roshi attack each other with a feorsome Kamehameha attack. Then after a bunch a trick, fancy attacks, Roshi unleashes his second best attack. This is the second time he used it. The electric attack almost forces Goku to give up, when suddendly, Goku sees the Full Moon! UH OH!
Goku Transforms into an ape and everyone is scared and runs, except the announcer, Goku, Jackie, and Goku's friends. Jackie throws his best attack, a superpowered Kamehameha, and the ape dissapears. Could Goku be dead?
Sasha Slutsker


U.S english Dubbed
The Great Finals # 26
by- John Mimidas

In today's episode of Dragonball it will be Goku against Master Roshi ( Jackie Chun). First it shows a brief summary of what happened in the finals from Krillin beating Bacterium to Goku beating Nam and advancing to the finals. The two started fighting and almost everyone had high hopes for the rookie Goku. But Jackie Chun used a fast move and knocked Goku over 3-4 stories high. Everyone thought it was over including Chun, but Goku came back out of nowhere by using his tail as a helicopter to take him back to the ring. Chun said he was out but goku said he really didn't have to use his tail he could've just have used a Kamehameha just like Chun did. Then both tried out their Kamehamehas and Goku was the victor on that accord. Then Roshi used a technique called the " Crazy Cow" maneuver. Goku was almost out but he countered using the " Crazy Monkey" maneuver almost taking out Jackie. As the match heated on the episode drawned to a close.




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