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Dragon Ball Z - Movie Summaries

DBZ Movie 9: The Galaxy is in Danger!! The Super Awesome Guy!

Eric Gerson's Review

Original Release Date: July 10, 1993
Rating: 7 of 7

Having another Tenkaichi Budoukai funded by Mr. Money for his son's birthday, Mr. Satan invites everyone on Earth to a competition on a remote island. The Z Senshi all go, and Goku - who is still dead with Kaio-Sama - wishes he could compete. After the elimination rounds, the winners reach the final where Mr. Satan's students are dressed as aliens (or so it seems) and are to serve as foes for the warriors. However, Bojack and his men, who were at one time imprisoned within a star by the Kaios, have changed things in secret. They take over the tournament and fight the Z Senshi. After all seems lost, Goku's words of encouragement give Gohan the power he needs to stand up to Bojack and his men.

With an original story, great animation, and beautiful music that fits each scene, this movie is a must see for any Dragon Ball fan.


Movie 9: Bojack
“The Galaxy’s In Danger! The Super Awesome Guy”
(Japanese Version)
 (Characters: Son Goku, King Kai, Chichi, Bulma, Mr. Satan, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Tenshinhan, Chauzo, Son Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, Prouder, Announcers, Yosan Mane, the Mom, Doru, Bojack, Bujin, Bido, Gokua, and Zangya.)


(At The Airport)
Announcer 1: Just now the strongest warriors in the universe representing the four galaxies have just arrive.
They’re been specially invited to participate in the Tenka-ichi-Budokai sponsored by the super rich Yosan Mane.
Emotions are running high. (To East City)
I’ve never seen aliens before.
I’m really impressed!
Announcer 2: Let’s go to the sponsor, Yosan Mane; and find out what the Tenka-ichi-Dai-Budokai is. (To Yosan’s Rich House)
Yosan Mane: My only son Doru pestered me into doing it.
Mom: It is his tenth birthday.
Doru: Papa, are aliens really coming?
Yosan Mane: Of course they are, it will be a live battle between human and aliens!
I’ve put this together just for you.
You can do anything you want in the world, if you have enough money.
Announcer 2: Producer, could you please explain?
Prouder: Yosan Mane, the richest man in the world is sponsoring the greatest martial arts competition in the world.
Regardless of sex, age, race, or professional standing. The competition is open to everyone.
(Showing on Snake Way on a cliff King Kai watching TV)
We’re hoping to draw the strongest contestants from all over the world. And have them battle until their heart content.
The winner gets 100,000,000 zeni.
He also gets a trip for his whole family to visit hot spring all over the world.
Yosan Mane: The winner will also get to meet the hero that saved the Earth at the Cell Games!
Because of my incredible wealth it became possible…
(Back at Yosan’s Mane house)
To give a chance to battle Mr. Satan!
(Guys with camera and sees Mr. Satan laughing on a helicopter.)
Announcer 2: It’s Mr. Satan! The strongest martial arts champion in the world!
(Mr. Satan throws a capsule containing 5 stores of bricks. Mr. Satan jumps down and breaks all the bricks. At King Kai house, Goku comes out with a chest full of food.)
Goku: I didn’t know Mr. Satan defeated Cell.
(Mr. Satan blowing on his red sore hand.)
Mom: Oh well.
(Open Credits)
(Planes flying in the air and making a face of Mr. Satan with smoke. Seconds later they fly through the face.)
The Galaxy’s In Danger:
The Clash of The Great Warriors.
(Fire Works in the air. Crowds of people around.)
Announcer 3: There are exactly 200 people who are confident enough in their own strength to come to the Tenka-ichi-Dai-Budokai.
They are on the eight battle stages fighting for the chance to challenge Mr. Satan.
(Few men fighting on 1 stage.)
On each stage 25 competitions are fighting it out in a free for all battle.
(The Bear man falling out of the ring in the water.)
Only one person from each stage will advance!
(A big fat sumo wrestler, Doskoi running after a few guys.)
You lose if you fall off the stage into the ocean, get knocked out of concede the match!
If goes without saying, that killing your opponent will also disqualify you.
(Few dozen pushing the Sumo-wrestler, Doskoi to the edge of the cliff.)
You also can’t use weapons.
(Sumo-wrestler, Doskoi grabbed a few guys into the water. People are cheering looking at the TV monitor. Krillin is fighting a few guys one at a time.)
Krillin: Whom should I invite to go on the worldwide hot spring trip with me?
(He front kicks a guy.)
Chichi:  Gohan!
(Krillin looked at Chichi cheering with two fans.)
Get’em Gohan!
Krillin: Gohan’s here?
Isn’t he a Super Saiyanjin?
(Krillin sees a few guys being knock out of the ring.)
Pi…Piccolo’s here too?
Don’t tell me that Trunks is here.
(A dozen of guys fall behind Krillin. Krillin look up at the tower above him and sees Trunks.)
I figured I’d be able to do something about Yamcha and Tenshinhan, but this is too much.
(Baby Trunks see some butterflies and tried to get them before Bulma grabbed him onto her lap.)
Bulma: Chichi, I’m surprise that you let Gohan enter.
Chichi: It would be bad for him if all he did was study all day.
(Gohan is kicking guys out of the ring.)
I think it’s a good to let him exercise sometimes.
Bulma: Your right, you have to think of your family first.
I want to go on the world hot spring tour with my family.
So it was lucky that Trunks came back now to tell us that he’s defeated #17 and #18.
Chichi: What about Vegeta?
Bulma: He lost all will to fight and seems to be lost in his own thoughts.
Chichi: I wonder if it’s because Goku’s dead…
(In a room Oolong and Chauzo sees Tenshinhan fighting on the monitor.)
Chauzo: Go for it Tien-son!
Oolong: Same for you too, Krillin.
Roshi: Oolong. (On a metal pole) I can’t find any babes…
(Oolong fell to the floor and get back up.)
Oolong: Old man, what are you looking at?
Didn’t we come here to watch the fight?
Roshi: I already know Trunks or Gohan will win.
So I am looking for size “D” in a tank top.
(Roshi sees three girls sitting around a table.)
(Roshi pop out. The three girls yelled.)
(At King Kai new home, Goku and King Kai watching the TV.)
Goku: This is bigger than the Tenkaichi Budokai.
King Kai: Bet ya’ wanna go.
But you’re dead.
Goku: The fight between Gohan and Trunks is going to be great.
(Men are splashing into the water.)
Yamcha: (laying on a pole) I didn’t image that Gohan was going to show up.
I took money out of the bank to fly over here.
I was plain in on putting the 100,000,000 zeni in the bank.
(Chichi and Bulma sees Yamcha on the side TV screen.)
Bulma: It looks like Yamcha doesn’t want to participate at all.
Chichi: It’s because we already know who is going to win.
Bulma: You’re right he could never beat Trunks.
Chichi: Or Gohan!
(Chichi and Bulma stare at each other with lighting in their eyes.)
(The Doskoi slap a guy into the pole, and causing it to break. Causing Yamcha to fall off the pole and fall into the ocean. Which gets him out of the competition.)
Referee: Out!
Yamcha: It’s over already?
(Bunch of men was knocked off into the ocean.)
Gohan: Father used to come to the Tenkaichi Budokai and sharpen his skill. Now it’s my turn.
(We see Mr. Satan and the Mane family eating in a V.I.P. room.)
Referee: Son-Gohan advances to the next round.
(Mr. Satan spills out his food when he saw Gohan on the TV.)
(Trunks smiled and zanoken, backs flip with a kick to a guy and a flip again.)
Trunks advance to the next round.
(Mr. Satan becomes to worry.)
(One of the stage tilt to it side. People were sliding off. Krillin holds on the edge of the stage. Three people sliding down the stage try to grab to Krillin’s baldhead and fall into the ocean.)
Krillin: Why!?
Referee: Krillin advances to the next round.
(Satan drops his fork.)
Piccolo advances to the next round.
(Satan face is on the window screen looking at the final contents.)
Tenshinhan advances to the next round.
Mr. Satan: What?!
(Tenshinhan gave him a nod.)
Referee: Doskoi, Udo, and Kanfoon advances to the next round.
(Satan walking backwards toward the door.)
Announcer 1: Mr. Satan, what do you think after watching the eliminations?
Mr. Satan: They all need more training.
Referee: These eight warriors will now battle to decide which will goes to the semi-finals.
Krillin: Too bad, Piccolo’s my opponent.
What lousy luck.
Referee: The first fight in the quarterfinals is Son Gohan vs. Udo.
Udo: What! I got to fight a brat, that’s too bad.
Hey Brat! Don’t think I’m going to hold back just because you’re a kid.
Gohan: Okay, I understand.
Udo: What’re you saying! Are you making fun of me?
Take this.
(Udo bending down to grab Gohan. Gohan dropkicked Udo to this foot. By this kick caused him to go through a cliff.)
Chichi: Way to go, Gohan!
Referee: The second battle in the quarterfinals is between Trunks and Tenshinhan.
(Tenshinhan took off this shirt.)
Tien: Trunks, don’t blame me for what happens if you try to hold back.
Trunks: Okay.
(They both jump around the battle towers. They were giving right and left punches. Tien kicked but Trunks dodge it. Tien tries to punch Trunks but Trunks just kicked him toward the ocean. Tien flew over the water with a smile on his face.)
Yosan: He…He’s floating in the air!
Mom: That’s what it looks like to me too.
(More punches from the bottom to the top of the towers. Tien flies up and put this finger into a triangle.)
Tenshinhan: KIKO-HO!
(The kikoho made impact and it breaks the cliff. Tien and Trunks try to knee each other; Tien punches Trunks. Both of them separated for a bit. Tien powered up. Trunks flew up and transform into a Super Saiyanjin mode.)
Announcer 1: Mr.… Mr. Satan! What’s going on?
Mr. Satan: It’s a… a trick!
Like they use in the theaters…Yeah that’s it!
(The V.I.P. room shakes.)
Why they have to come to this dumb contest.
(A TV is on showing Trunks and Tenshinhan match, and it is turn off. At West City it’s showing on the bed is Vegeta.)
Vegeta: How stupid. (There he falls to sleep.)
(Tien creates a ki blast and threw it at Trunks. Trunks keep on flying through it. Zanoken behind Tien and knock him into the ocean.)
Referee: Trunks win!
(Trunks give a hand to Tien to pull him out of the water.)
Mr. Satan: I’ve gotta do something.
Yosan: Ah…Mr. Satan you look a little pale.
Mr. Satan: My stomach hurts Ow…owowowowow! (Holding his guts.)
Yosan Mane: That’s no good! Mr. Prouder take Mr. Satan to the infirmary.
Mr. Satan: I’ll go by myself. I’ll be right back.
(Mr. Satan leaving the V.I.P. room.)
Getting away will be best for my health right now.
Wise man doesn’t court danger.
Person 1: Look! It’s Mr. Satan!
Everyone: Satan! Satan! Satan!
Mr. Satan: Damn! I don’t have time for this…
Referee: The third fight in the quarterfinals is Piccolo vs. Krillin
Krillin: I hope Piccolo won’t use his Makankkousappo.
Gohan: (On a balcony) Piccolo!
Do your best Piccolo-san!
Oolong: (while eating) Why’s he cheering for Piccolo? Krillin doesn’t stand a chance of winning.
Krillin: Shit! I don‘t have any choice, if I’m going to loose, might as well look good.
(Krillin in his fighting posture as Piccolo standing there with his eyes close.)
Why isn’t he moving into a defensive posture?
He’s completely ignoring me!
He’s making a fool out of me!
(The bell rang, and Krillin ran toward Piccolo. But he went too fast into Piccolo’s cape and fallen off the cliff. Krillin tries to hop with his arms like a wing. As he almost touched the edge of the cliff and fell but before Piccolo grabbed him.)
Piccolo: I thought there were going to be some worthy foes here.
I don’t want to play around anymore.
(Piccolo throws Krillin onto the ground and Piccolo flew off.)
Referee: Because Piccolo left the fight. Krillin wins!
Krillin: Lucky! I did it! I did it!
(At King Kai’s cave. Goku playing cards against both Gregory and Bubbles.)
Referee: Doskoi wins!
Now all the four semi-finalists have been decided.
Goku: King Kai, how do things look?
King Kai: Well…Gohan’s gotten into the semi-finals.
Goku: Thought he would.
(Bubbles give Goku an Urana Baba Joker card that freaked Goku out. Bubbles and Gregory laughed and jumped around.)
(Mr. Satan peeks out of the sewer.)
Mr. Satan: There’s no way my disciples can beat those guys.
I did it! There’s the exit!
(Mr. Satan runs to the exit before the Producer cuts him off)
Prouder: Mr. Satan!
(Mr. Satan fell to the ground.)
The nurse’s office is that way.
This is the exit from Battle Island.
Satan: I have a chronic stomach disease.
I thought it’d be best if a specialist took a look at it.
Prouder: What should I tell Mr. Mane?
Satan: It’s alright. I’ll be back soon. I just go across the bridge and…and…and…?
(Satan walking backward out to the exit. Mr. Satan doesn’t feel the bridge under his right foot.)
Have I gotten dizzy?
Wh…wh…wh…Where’s the bridge?
(Everyone yells on the bridge “Satan!” several times.)
Producer: In preparation for the semi-finals the Battle Stage I already move toward Battle Stage II.
Referee: The battle stage has arrived at Battle Stage II.
We will now start the semi-finals to see which of the remaining four will challenge Mr. Satan.
(An all door opens up and Gohan is moving up from the door.)
Chichi: Gohan! Do your best!
Gohan: Now I’m embarrassed.
Bulma: Trunks! Take me on the worldwide trip hot spring tour!
(Trunks look embarrassed.)
Oolong: Krillin! Do your moderate best!
(Krillin looks unsatisfied with the Oolong’s comment.)
Referee: Now I will explain the rules.
At each of the four corners there is an entrance to the underground battle zone.
The warriors drew lots to see which battle zone their tunnel would take them to!!
One of the four galactic warriors is waiting to fight in each of the battle zone.
After defeating their opponents they’ll race to the central elevator.
The first one back here wins a chance to fight Mr. Satan.
Krillin: I won’t have to fight Gohan!! I have a chance of winning!
All I have to do is be the first one back! (Krillin jumps into the hover car.)
Referee: We will now start the semi-finals!
(Everyone counts 10 to Zero.
After zero the hover cars blasted off into their tunnels.)
Announcer 2: You can watch the battle zone fights on the monitors.
(Krillin’s hover car is nearly being crashed at the computer size ocean scene and a computer whale’s tail. Krillin is screaming inside his cover car. They all move to a space look a like room. Gohan is at an India/a huge Kiddies land with big toys. Trunks enter to a meadow area. Krillin crashed into the inside of a volcano and his hover car crashed into a lava pit. Krillin jumped out of the bottom of the cover car outside with his baldhead on fire.)
Trunks: So this is a battle zone.
(Krillin jumps to some area and see a shadow of his opponent.)
Krillin: Are you my opponents?
I beat Piccolo today you don’t stand a chance.
You’re pretty unlucky to have to fight me.
(Krillin saw that Zangya is her opponent.)
But I won’t hold back because you’re a girl.
I’ve got to be the first one back!
(Zangya put her arms in front of her face and powered up. She goes flying over Krillin and then behind him. She gives a huge kick to the neck of Krillin. And she gives out a left punch to Krillin’s back. And he was kicked again to the rocks.)
What in the world is she!! (He fated.)
Oolong: Krillin…
(Doskoi is walking on the desert. The sand behind him build in and a hand came right out. Someone grabs Doskoi by the neck and held him high and chocking him to death. Everyone at the arena was in fear.)
People #2: They are killing people!
(Yamcha and Tenshinhan stopped eating. Goku and Bubbles still playing cards. And King Kai on the edge of this cliff in fear.)
Mom: You’ve gone too far!
Yosan: Prouder! What’s going on here!?
Prouder: I never asked them to come.
The one I prepared were Mr. Satan’s disciples.
When did they change places?
Doru: Mama!
(Tenshinhan and Yamcha running toward to the Battle Stage II. They see Doskoi’s hands are the only things that are outside of the sand, and Bido smiling at the camera.)
Tien and Yamcha: What the…?
(Tien and Yamcha jumped faster to the arena. Trunks see a mouse but he moved since a ki blast almost hit him. Trunks hold his posture and sees Gokua in a tree laughing.)
Trunks: Have you gone crazy!?
This is a game!
We’re not supposed to kill each other!
(Gokua jumped down from the tree and tried a right punch. Trunks dodged and give a left punch. Gokua counter in a hand lock and threw Trunks to the other side. Trunks recovered by sliding by his feet.)
Who are you?
(Gokua used his left kick but missed. Trunks and Gokua gives a spinning connecting knee to each other. Trunks right spins kick over Gokua head, and Trunks’ knee slam to Gokua sword.)
Gokua: Would you be disappointed if I said I was just a Galactic Warriors?
(Gokua tried to slice Trunks’ head with his sword but Trunks moved his body back. Trunks hopped back a couple of feet. Gokua and Trunks started running onto the lake. Gokua stand still and powered up into a new transformation form. Gokua’s hair became darker; his skin becomes lighter, and his muscles became bigger. Gohan back relaxing on the floor, but he moved before a two huge baby block nearly killed him. Bujin come down upside down laughing at Gohan. Bujin used more of his physic powers to make the middle and the hour hand of a clock behind Gohan to cut him up. Gohan easily destroys them by his energy field.)
Gohan: Stop it! This is just a martial arts competition.
Bujin: Oh, you want to play a game?
(Bujin change the arena into a jungle type.)
Gohan: What’s this?
(Back at the…toilet.)
Producer: Mr. Satan!
Everyone’s counting on you!
Please do something!
Mr. Satan: Just a minute! My stomach hurting!
(Thinking) If I wait long enough those guys will win.
After all, they were able to beat Cell.
(Building’s windows were blowing up. Gokua got Trunks by the head, and slam Trunks into a bridge. Trunks flying up the wall of a building. Gokua went through the wall and caught Trunks. Gokua threw Trunks. Gokua went to the other side of Trunks and kicked him to the ground.)
Gokua: Are you done already?
(Gokua took his sword and about to kill Trunks with it. Trunks struggle with Gokua’s sword with his fore arm. Trunks go Super Saiyanjin and breaks Gokua’s sword. Gokua’s sword flew to a building. Trunks punch right through Gokua’s body. Gokua falls right back dead. Trunks turn around and a mysteries cape came around. A shadow of a body comes and kicks Trunks right at the face. Vegeta back home wakes up from his nap.)
Vegeta: Wha…What’s that?
Gohan: That’s a huge ki.
(Back at the toilet.)
Producer: Mr. Satan. Hurry Up! Hurry Up!
Mr. Satan: Just a second I’m almost done wiping myself!
(Mr. Satan comes out and walks slowly to the Battle Stage.)
Producer: Thanks God.
Announcer 2: Everyone, you can relax now.
Our hero, Mr. Satan has arrived to defeat the forces of evil.
Everything is going to be okay.
We can watch the monitors to see Mr. Satan save us again.
Prouder: Hurry Up and get this thing started.
Mr. Satan: Wait! I don’t have my seat belt on yet!
(Back at King Kai cave.)
King Kai: The Earth is a big pinch.
I didn’t think Bojack…
Goku: Bojack?
King Kai: Long ago he wandered through out the north, south, east, and western galaxies destroying as he went.
He was the spirit of evil running amok.
Goku: You mean like Arch Demon Piccolo?
King Kai: He was greater demon of evil than Piccolo ever has.
But here the Kai’s of the four galaxies pooled our strengths and imprisoned him on a planet at the very edge of the universe.
Goku: You imprisoned him on a planet at the edge of the universe?
King Kai: You were careless in your fight with Cell.
When you destroy my Kaio planet and caused me to die.
You released the seal in Bojack and let him out.
Bojack’s discovered the Earth.
Goku: Don’t worry. Gohan is on Earth.
(Gohan is flying away from Bujin and sees Trunks thrown over Krillin.)
Gohan: It’s Krillin!
Bido: Kid! Earth’s a good planet.
(Gohan sees Zangya and Bido next to a door way and sees Bojack coming out.)
Gohan: That’s a huge fighting strength.
Tien and Yamcha: (While jumping out of a hover car.) Gohan!
Tien: Is that them? Did they kill the four galactic warriors?
Bujin: (Bowed down) From now on this Earth belongs to Lord Bojack.
(Zangya and Bido bow down too.)
Yamcha: This is stupid!
Tien: Do you think we’ll let you get away with that?
Bido: Lord Bojack has nothing to fear in the entire universe.
Zangya: He’s chosen the most beautiful planet in entire northern galaxy…
Bujin: As the most flitting for him to conquer!
Anyone who attempts to stop him will die!
Yamcha: Don’t underestimate us!
(Bujin flies backward; Tien did a back flip with a kick. Bujin zanoken behind Tien and Bujin kicked Tien at the neck. Tien is hit to the floor and Bujin left kick Tien to the wall.
Yamcha tires to left slap Zangya, but she moved quickly. With that she kicks Yamcha give time for Bido to elbow him to the stair, which she slams and breaks into it. Zangya comes to Yamcha left with a baseball slide. Leaving Gohan shock.)
Gohan: I won’t let you…
(Gohan turns Super Saiyanjin.
Zangya and Bido flew in front of Gohan. Gohan flew backward and Gohan elbowed Bujin at the face. Gohan flies upward through a wall. Bido flew up and tried a left punch. Gohan grab his fist and Gohan sprang Bido back to the floor. Zangya flew up to Gohan. Gohan tires his Mankeso. Zangya just slap it away. Bido tried his energy beams around Zangya toward Gohan. Gohan just slaps the beams to the outer wall showing the desert. Bujin flies upward to Gohan. Zangya comes up first and flew up. Bido came next and moved aside. Bujin comes faster with a spin. They all punch Gohan at the upper chest. The punch moved Gohan into another stage to an England look. Gohan goes and fly while landing on a beam. Zangya and Bujin land at the side of Gohan. They exchange punches and kicks. Zangya kicks Gohan at the chest and Bujin clip his hands in one fist and knock Gohan straight down into the roof of a building. Bido comes under the roof and tries to kick Gohan. Gohan counter and attempted a punch but Bido dodged. Bujin comes between Gohan punch and Bujin gives a punch to Gohan’s gut. Gohan tires to punch Bujin at his face. Zangya tried a punch Gohan, but Gohan flew up. Zangya and Gohan have a chasing game.)
Bojack: Not bad brat.
However, you’re not strong enough to beat us no matter how hard you try.
(Gohan lands on a roof. Zangya moved in front of Gohan and she moved to his left. Bujin comes in with an air baseball slide to Gohan back. Zangya moved behind Gohan and kicked Gohan through the building. Bido created an energy ball; Bido threw it into the ground and moved it toward Gohan making an impact. Trunks tried to get back up. Back at King Kai’s cave.)
King Kai: The shit’s hit the fan now.
Goku: Gohan! Get angry! Show them your true strength.
(Gohan gets back up. He sees the crew on a wall. Bido, Bujin and Zangya gave a finger blast back to Gohan. Gohan gets slam to another wall. They all shot a Gohan and they making them weaker. Gohan hands and knee is on the ground.)
Gohan: Damn!
(Gohan went back to his normal stage. Bojack makes his energy ball and threw it at Gohan. Gohan gets read to block, but a Makankosappo hit’s the energy ball causing it to blow.)
Piccolo: It looks like some worthy foes have finally shown up.
(Piccolo takes off his weighted clothes. Piccolo ran toward Bojack. Piccolo attempted a punch; Bojack dodged it. Bojack kneed Piccolo to the guts. Bojack punched the Namek. Piccolo returned with a kick. Bojack falls toward a building. Piccolo tries to do a fist slam to Bojack. But he ducked under it and moved up high behind Piccolo. Bojack tires to blast Piccolo, but he just slap the ki away. The smoke cleared and Bojack do the energy ball again. Piccolo try to bounced the ball out, but it’s too powerful so it hit him. Piccolo got slam to another building. Gohan running trying to save Piccolo. Piccolo falling to the ground.)
Gohan: Piccolo!
(Bojack create an energy ball out stopped, for a Super Saiyanjin Trunks zanoken in front of him.)
Trunks: I’m going to return what you did to me with interest.
(Trunks do his Burning Attack
 But Bojack just used his Barrier. Trunks race toward Bojack. But Trunks was caught by Bujin’s space warp. Trunks while struggling went back to normal mode. Bido throws an ice looking spear to Trunks. Out of nowhere a sword is thrown and hit the ice spear and cuts the web out. Trunks grab the sword and place it on his back. A blast goes underneath Bujin and Bido. Causing them and the roof to fall.)
Vegeta: I’ll defeat them!
(Bido and Bujin looking at Super Saiyanjin Vegeta flying up the smoke. Bojack start looking excited. Gohan gently drops off Piccolo on the building floor.)
Gohan: Vegeta!
(Vegeta staring right at Bojack and goes for the attack. Vegeta gives out a couple of hand blasts to Bojack. As did Bojack with the hand blast. Giving blast to blast across a building.)
Trunks: Ever since Goku died my father’s lost all interest in fighting. But now he’s fighting to save Gohan and I.
(One of Bojack powerful blast toward Vegeta. Vegeta tries to blast it out. Bojack had more power and blew Vegeta off this foot. Trunks rushing to save his father but stopped by Bujin and Zangya.)
Vegeta: Trunks! Stay out of this!
(Bojack comes and punch Vegeta at the face. A low blow to Vegeta to the ground. Bojack gives a knee to his back. And a spinning kick to Vegeta’s waist. Trunks grab Vegeta.)
Trunks: Father, you are too hurt to continue.
(Vegeta elbow Trunks.)
Vegeta: I thought I told you to butt out!
(Vegeta powered up and flew toward Bojack.)
Gohan: Piccolo!
Piccolo: Don’t worry about me just beat them!
Gohan: Yes sir.
(Vegeta is thrown to a Big Ben look a like. Bojack punch Vegeta so hard he ripped his sleeve. Bojack elbow Vegeta. Bojack powered up like Gokua as did. Bojack begins a power up energy ball. Trunks trying to punch Zangya while she’s flipping in the air.)
Trunks: Outta my way!
(Bujin get Trunks back into the space warp web again.)
(Zangya kicks Trunks on the upper chest.)
Gohan: Vegeta
(Bido moves in front of Gohan.)
Bido: You have to fight me first.
(Bojack is blasting away. People in the arena watching in fear.)
Chichi: Gohan!
Bulma: Trunks!
Mr. Satan: Wa…wait! My seat belt isn’t on yet!
Producer: Start!
(Mr. Satan hover car started up. Trunks getting punched and kicked from Zangya.)
Bojack: Take this!
(Bojack blast Trunks from the chest causing him to go to normal stage and fainted. Gohan charge at Bojack in Super Saiyanjin mode. Bojack zanoken behind Gohan. Bojack grabs Gohan’s leg and threw Gohan up in the air. Gohan lands on the side of the clock. Bojack tries a punch. They flying and punch each other. Bojack tried a blast; Gohan stops it away. Bojack moves in front of Gohan and punches him. Two webs goes for Gohan. Gohan is trap!)
Bujin: Our psychic powers have created a space warp.
You’re not strong enough to escape.
The harder you struggle the weaker you get.
(Bido, Bujin, and Zangya all put Gohan on the space warp web.)
Bojack: You fought well kid! Let me congratulate you!
(Bojack punches Gohan at the face. And a knee hit to his Gohan’s face. Gohan screaming out blood. Then Mr. Satan’s hover car crashing and flying around Bojack’s crew. The car smashed into the camera. The audience gets disappointed with worries. The car nearly crashed Bujin causing the web to break out. Bojack blast at the hover car. Mr. Satan falls right threw the ground.)
Gohan: Mr. Satan!
Bojack: It looks like your life’s been extended a while longer.
Gohan: Crap!
(Gohan goes SSJ kicked Bojack and Gohan fights with all of Bojack’s crew. Gohan punches Bujin and Bido. Bojack kicked Gohan and Zangya fist slammed Gohan.)
Goku: King Kai isn’t there anything we can do?
(Bojack picked up Gohan and squeeze Gohan with his arms.
Gohan screaming out blood.)
Bojack: Pretty soon you’ll be in the land of the dead with your father.
Then you can watch our show of death begins!
Goku: King Kai!
(King Kai shaking his head. Gohan still screaming. Every scream shows Piccolo, Vegeta, Trunks, and the rest on the ground fainted.)
Gohan: Father…
Goku: I can’t stand this anymore
(Goku use this instant transmission.)
King Kai: Goku! You’re dead!
(Goku punch Bojack.)
Goku: I can’t let this happen.
Bojack: What?!
(Goku carried Gohan on this arm.)
Goku: Gohan, show your true strength!
Gohan: Father!
Goku: This isn’t a time to be gentle.
You have to protect the Earth!
(Goku lays Gohan on the floor.)
Gohan: Father.
(The crew moves next to Bojack.)
Bojack: What the hell just happened?
Gohan: (His hands is glowing) Father saved me!
(Gohan goes Super Saiyanjin. Gohan gives out a powerful scream to a SSJ2)
He told me to destroy you.
I’ve already said I would protect the Earth!
(Gohan powers up. A golden beam comes out of the ground and the ocean. The ground starting shaking. Gohan walks very slowly toward the crew.)
Bojack: Bujin! Bido!
(They moved to the side of Gohan. They tried their space warp web again. Gohan still walking. Gohan gives out a scream and the web were gone. Bujin and Bido charge at Gohan. Bido get punched in half and he died. Bujin gets kicked in half and he also died. Gohan looks at his next victim. Zangya walking backwards in fear. Bojack moved behind her; pushing Zangya. Bojack throws this energy ball through her toward Gohan. Gohan just flew up and lands back on the ground while dodging the energy ball. Bojack laughing jumped and let loose another energy ball. It made an impact. Bojack thought he won but sees Gohan just standing there.)
Damn you!
(Bojack charging at Gohan ready to punch, but Gohan moved faster and punched right through Bojack while he’s screaming in pain.)
I can’t believe I lost, and to a brat like you.
(Bojack forming another blast with both of this hand.)
Gohan: And I was told not hold back against you.
(Gohan forms a Kamehameha. Both let loose of their strong energy beam. The energy ball and the Kamehameha made impact. A two figures seem too past after the impact.
Gohan was in front and Bojack behind him and Bojack exploded. The ground begun to shake again. Gohan went to his normal stage. He falls right back laughing.)
Goku: Gohan, good job!
King Kai: Goku, you broke the rules.
Goku: King Kai did I do something?
King Kai: I don’t know I blinked and couldn’t tell what happened.
(They all laugh.)
(Krillin at the hospital reads a newspaper.)
Krillin: Satan has saved the Earth again.
I wish they ‘d mentioned us at least once…
Gohan: That’s okay; he did save me down there.
Oolong: So in the end that idiot saved his world title.
(Gohan sees a cloud like Goku.)
Gohan: Father?
Oolong: You were great Gohan!
You were able to beat a foe that either Piccolo or Vegeta was able to touch.
Gohan: I didn’t do it myself father helped me.
Chichi: Did Goku come back from the dead?!
Gohan: I’m kidding, I’m kidding!
(We see Piccolo and Vegeta on the roof.)
Oolong: You jerk, joking around at a time like this!
(They all laugh. And an article of Mr. Satan with Doru on the front page. The title says:
The Second Tenkaichi Budokai. You too can challenge Satan.)
The Person’s Talk:

This was my first Dragonball Z movie I ever brought. The first movie and the first Japanese version too. After watching this movie. I was very please that it’s a movie I own. Bojack movie can easily fit into the original story line. Between Cell and Buu saga. Right before the Other World Tournament. Some of you have some misbelieve. But as me, I’m used of it. The drawing of Bojack was great. The tournament hosted by Mr. Mane was a good idea. The good fight in the tournament was Trunks vs. Tenshinhan. The only downfall in this movie is that Bojack didn’t fight as much. Yes he has fought a bit. But I just wish I get to see the power that the mighty Bojack had. Most of this minions fought. It was also good how his minions work so well together against Gohan. That it seem impossible to defeat. On and on the movie is great to buy and see.
From the Person Talks,
Bobby Q.


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