Orange Power Ball
Card number: 69
Saga Series: Androids
Energy Combat
Rarity: Uncommon
17 of 19 Piccolo
Style: Orange
 Power: Energy attack. If you declared Tokui-Waza,
this attack does +X life cards of damage. X is equal
to the current personality level of the personality
that performed the attack.

This card is cool! If you declare an Orange
you can do 4 (+1 if you have Orange Style Mastery)+
(say your personality is at level 3) 3 life cards.
That's 8 life cards of damage for one power stage!
Also, if you played Orange Aura Drill in Non-Combat
stage, the card will add two life cards. That's 10
life cards for 1 power stage! Alone, this card can do
up to 8 stages of damage for 2 power stages! I have
this card and all the other mentioned in this article
in my deck.

_ Will