Will's Card of the Day for August 09,2001
Where There's Life, There's Hope
Trunks Saga   Card Number: 157   2 of 2 Bulma
Non-Combat  Ultra-Rare
Power: Use this card just as the opponent wins by any means. The victory is postponed until the start of
his next turn. Check for the victory conditions at that time. Limit 1 per deck. Remove from the game after use.
Quote:(Bulma) "He's like a dream come true"
Why?: This card is pretty neat. It postpones your opponent's victory 'till their next turn! This could give you enough time for you to win. Just hope that you don't use this card in your turn, or you have only about 2 minutes. This card can go in any deck. You'll have a hard time finding it though because it's an Ultra-Rare.
Card Ratio: 1:32 packs  Chance of getting one in a pack: 9%   Chance of getting one in a box: 17%