Dear Pojo,
 Here's today's Will's CotD.
Will's Card of the Day for August 6,2001
Card number 136 in the Trunks Saga
Namek Dragon Ball 5
Rarity: Rare   Non-Combat   Dragon Ball card
1 of 2 Namekian Warrior
Power: Raise your Main Personality to his highest power stage. Raise your anger 1 level. Place the top 2 discarded cards of your discard pile at the bottom of your life deck.
 This is one of the best Dragon Ball and cards in the entire game. You get to raise your anger 1, power up to full, and you get to place the top 2 discarded cards at the bottom of your life deck. This card is kind of an improved version of A Hospital Stay. This card works well in all decks. Let's you raise your anger(for anger decks), raise your power level(for survival decks),and gain a Dragon Ball(for Dragon Ball decks). It's rare but you could find it.