Card of the Day for July 16,2001
 Raditz Restored Lv.4
Card # 92 in the Freiza saga
Rarity: Rare, Power-Up rating:3
Highest Power level: 38,000
1 of 1 Raditz
Power: Stops a physical attack. After that phsical
attack, raise Raditz's anger 1 level.
This card carries on what raditz does best, raising
his anger level. His powet does this. It lets you stop
your opponents phsical attack and raises your anger
level once. His power levels aren't that high but he's
good. Buy some Freiza Saga packs to get him. This card
works well with Terrible Wounds. Play terrible wounds
when your in your non-combat stage. Use Raditz's power
when your opponent phsically attcks you especially
when the phsical attacks would cause you to lose life
cards. It really works when the phsical attack alows
your opponent to gain anger. Buy it!
**Note: When you play Terrible wounds, you put your
opponents anger level to zero. Your opponent can't
gain anger until they cause you to discard a life

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Will M.

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